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A Beginner’s Guide to Pool Care & Maintenance

Congrats, new pool owner! We know your new pool will provide you with fun and relaxation for years to come. But before you dive in, you’ll need to know the basics of how to care for and maintain your pool. Here you’ll find all the information you need to ensure safety and long-term enjoyment of your pool*.

If you need extra guidance, attend one of our Pool Classes, join us at our Annual Pool School, or contact a pool expert at Watson’s.

*Please note that this guide covers general information for all pool types. For specific information regarding your exact model’s installation, use, and maintenance, refer to the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.
Pool Buying GuidePool Buying Guide

Sure, having your own pool is a ton of fun. But as an owner, it’s your responsibility to protect friends, family, and even yourself from avoidable risks and injuries. Follow these general guidelines and reminders to ensure everyone’s safety, both on and off season. Learn it, share it, and potentially save a life.

Hot Tab Buying GuideHot Tab Buying Guide

Testing the pool’s water, measuring for acidity, checking the filtration system: These are just a few basic items on your list of pool maintenance to-do’s. If you’re not sure where to start, look no further than this handy guide adapted from the pros, for you. Follow these steps to help maintain proper chemical balance, prevent troublesome problems, protect the health of your swimmers, and more.

Common Pool Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide Common Pool Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide

From algae build up to cloudy water, find a comprehensive list of common pool problems, their causes, and solutions to fix them.

How to Properly Open Your Pool How to Properly Open Your Pool

Kick off summer by following these important steps on how to properly open your pool for the season, complete with a handy list of essential products.

How to Properly Close Your Pool How to Properly Close Your Pool

With an amazing swim season in the books, it’s time to close your pool for the winter. Whether above, inground, or semi-inground, close your pool the right way with this comprehensive winterization guide and shopping list.

Winter Cover Care & Maintenance Winter Cover Care & Maintenance

Before covering your pool for the winter, consider these important tips to maintain your above, inground or semi-inground pool cover.

Pool Care 101: Headache-Saving Tips Pool Care 101: Headache-Saving Tips

We’ve curated our best tips and tricks to help offset any stress associated with maintaining your pool. When it comes to proper pool care and maintenance, it’s the little things you can do that make the biggest difference.