So refreshing and so clean. That’s how your pool should be. From test kits and sanitizers, to balancers and algaecides, Watson’s has everything you need to maintain your above or semi-inground pool all year long — pool chemicals, pool supplies, and chlorine dispenser, all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA.

And because you’re shopping with Watson’s, find peace of mind knowing your pool stays clean and clear when following our Algae Free Guarantee Program.

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  1. Miraclear Pool Clarifier Gel Tab
    Miraclear Pool Clarifier Gel Tab

    Miraclear Pool Clarifier Gel Tab

    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $10.99
  2. Rust-N-Scale Remover - 1 qt.

    Rust-N-Scale Remover - 1 qt.

    Special Price $25.99 Regular Price $29.99
  3. 1" Mini Slow Tabs - 25lbs

    1" Mini Slow Tabs - 25lbs

    Special Price $199.99 Regular Price $229.99
  4. Value PKG
    Algae Free Guarantee Value Package

    Algae Free Guarantee Value Package

    Special Price $77.98 Regular Price $97.98
  5. Algae Preventative

    Algae Preventative

    Special Price $15.99 Regular Price $18.99
  6. Alkalinity Plus - 10lbs

    Alkalinity Plus - 10lbs

    Special Price $24.99 Regular Price $39.99
  7. Alkalinity Plus - 25lbs

    Alkalinity Plus - 25lbs

    Special Price $51.99 Regular Price $89.99
  8. Alkalinity Plus - 5lbs

    Alkalinity Plus - 5lbs

    Special Price $18.99 Regular Price $21.99
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