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Spa Chemicals & Accessories

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  1. Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Clean

    Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Clean

    Special Price $15.99 Regular Price $19.99
  2. Leisure Time Bromine Tablets - 2.2lbs

    Leisure Time Bromine Tablets - 2.2lbs

    Special Price $33.99 Regular Price $39.99
  3. Spa Up Granular - 2lbs

    Spa Up Granular - 2lbs

    Special Price $9.99 Regular Price $13.99
  4. Leisure Time Leak Seal

    Leisure Time Leak Seal

    Special Price $37.99 Regular Price $45.99
    Available In-Store
  5. Leisure Time Renew Granular - 5lbs

    Leisure Time Renew Granular - 5lbs

    Special Price $66.99 Regular Price $74.99
  6. Leisure Time Fast Gloss

    Leisure Time Fast Gloss

    Special Price $25.99 Regular Price $29.99
  7. Leisure Time Foam Down

    Leisure Time Foam Down

    Special Price $27.99 Regular Price $34.99
  8. Leisure Time Cover Care & Conditioner

    Leisure Time Cover Care & Conditioner

    Special Price $19.99 Regular Price $24.99
  9. Leisure Time Filter Clean - 32fl. oz.

    Leisure Time Filter Clean - 32fl. oz.

    Special Price $26.99 Regular Price $31.99
  10. Leisure Time Enzyme

    Leisure Time Enzyme

    Special Price $17.99 Regular Price $22.99
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Spa Chemicals & Accessories

One of the biggest benefits of a hot tub is that it can be used all year round. From sunshine to snow, a hot tub is always on the list to soak the stress away and unwind after a long day, or to just sit and enjoy the company of family and friends.

While hot tubs are beneficial in every season, it’s important to keep them well maintained so they are more convenient to use. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than being excited to relax away your worries in the spa to find out it needs some maintenance before you can do so.

To keep your spa or hot tub clean and clear for whenever you want to use it, we’ve put together a list of hot tub accessories and chemicals to properly maintain for longer use and more fun.

Remember, the chemicals may vary based on the type of hot tub you have. Our experts at Watson’s can always assure you have the right products for your spa on hand.

Hot Tub Maintenance Products

A balanced spa with the right water chemistry will ensure an enjoyable soak. We’ll cover all the essentials, from a starter kit to balancers, clarifiers, and sanitizers, to make sure your pH levels and alkalinity are in the healthiest ranges.

Testing Strips

To know exactly what you need to get your spa water clean is to test it. This will help you know what and how much you’ll need to get your hot tub balanced and ready to enjoy. But testing your water is not a one-time thing. You should be testing regularly to make sure there’s no bacteria and it’s safe to soak.

Chemical Starter Kit

A hot tub chemical starter kit is the fastest and easiest way to get your spa water clean and clear. When selecting your starter kit make sure it includes cleaners, balancers, clarifiers, sanitizers (like chlorine and bromine), and any other special items you may need.

Hot Tub Sanitizers

You'll want to keep your sanitizer levels in a healthy range, which should be between 3 - 5ppm. It's important to use a sanitizing chemical, such as chlorine or bromine, as many spas can get bacteria. Sanitizing chemicals will kill bacteria and make your hot tub safe for you and your guests.

Spa Shock

To keep your water clean and remove bacteria, you can use spa shock products with chlorine and bromine after checking your sanitizer levels. You can get either a chlorine or non- chlorine shock for your spa.

Water Balancers

The concept of balanced water for your hot tub is simple. You want to keep your water at the proper pH level, which is anywhere between 7.2 – 7.8ppm. A water balancer can help ensure that your spa water is right where it needs to be.

Spa Clarifiers & Algaecides

Could your spa water be a little clearer? Spa clarifier products can be an excellent fit for ongoing spa maintenance, especially if you're nearing the time for a new filter. Seeing some algae creep in? A spa algaecide is a solution to keeping algae out so you can get in and relax.

Natural Cleaners

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in your spa, but still want something strong enough to keep the yuck out, our natural enzymes are a great solution. These naturally break down waste in the spa water, also reducing the amount of maintenance.

Additional Hot Tub & Spa Accessories

In addition to the chemicals needed to maintain your spa or hot tub, there are other products and accessories to keep your hot tub experience turned up. 

Filters & Filter Cleaning

Proper maintenance means you’ll keep your filter lasting longer. But there may be times you need a new filter. But don’t turn to a new filter if your water is cloudy and still balanced. Regular cleaning of your filter can keep your spa clean.


Do you want to create the best hot tub experience possible this year? Then look no further than one of the best hot tub accessories: aromatherapy! Aromatherapy is a natural, low-cost way to help add an extra level of luxury to your hot tub. You can use aromatherapy to reduce stress, for health benefits, like better sleep, or to detox. Get your spa pillow ready and enjoy a spa experience like no other with the addition of aromatherapy.

Spa Cover

One of the simplest and easy ways to help maintain not only your water chemistry, but also your overall hot tub temperature is to purchase a spa cover. Hot tub covers shield your water from unwanted debris and elements like mold. This means less cleaning and less chemicals to get rebalanced.

If you’re not using your hot tub, make sure to put your cover on. It’s also important to maintain your covers to avoid cracks or tears.

Spa Steps

Buying spa steps that are slip resistant are another accessory that should be on your list. These make it easier and safer to enter and exit your hot tub without worry of slipping.

What You Need to Know About Spas: FAQs

Have more questions about maintaining your hot tub or spa? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions or stop into any of Watson’s nine superstore locations to speak with one of our experts.

  • What chemicals are needed for a hot tub? 

You'll need chlorine and bromine. You may require other chemicals depending on your personal spa needs. Our team is here to help our customers search for the right personal spa products.

  • Are hot tub chemicals harmful to you? 

Nope! As long as you keep your spa chemicals within acceptable ranges, they're perfectly safe.

  • How soon can you use a hot tub after adding chemicals? 

If you use chlorine in your hot tub, you'll need to wait at least 24 hours before getting in the tub.

  • How do you maintain chemicals in a hot tub? 

You'll need to use a hot tub chemical test kit to check your levels and ensure that everything is within a healthy range.

  • How often should you check hot tub chemicals? 

You'll want to check the chemical levels in your hot tub 2-3 times per week on your own. It’s best to have your chemical levels checked professionally at least once a month.

  • How do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear?

Using a clarifier product and keeping your filter clean can both go a long way in helping you keep your spa water crystal clear.

Watson’s carries one of the largest selections of hot tubs and spas and we have the stock to get you what you want now to start enjoying and relaxing. Visit any of our nine superstore locations to see our variety of sizes and styles to get you on your way to creating your own outdoor oasis today.

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