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Grill Accessories

You have many options for outdoor grill accessories. Whether you love firing up steaks or you’re really looking forward to grilling kabobs, there’s an accessory for you.

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  1. Cover For PEAK/JB Grill
    Cover For PEAK/JB Grill

    Cover For PEAK/JB Grill

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  2. Alfa ALLEGRO Wood Fired Oven Cover

    Alfa ALLEGRO Wood Fired Oven Cover

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  3. Alfa 5 MINUTI Wood Fired Oven Cover

    Alfa 5 MINUTI Wood Fired Oven Cover

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  4. Green Mountain Rib Rack

    Green Mountain Rib Rack

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Ceramic Grill Accessories

Ceramic is a popular material for outdoor BBQ grills because it is heavy-duty enough to hold up to the high temperatures that are required for grilling. It also has non-stick properties, which makes it particularly useful on the cooking grate and the burners, as it’s much easier to clean.

Stainless Steel Grill Accessories

Stainless steel is another material that you’ll commonly see on outdoor BBQ grill accessories. Since your grill is exposed to the elements at all times, with only a grill cover to protect it, rust and wear are both big problems. However, stainless steel resists these problems and that makes for long-lasting and durable grill accessories for your outdoor cooking activities.

BBQ Grill Supplies

The type of barbeque grill accessories you need varies based on the food that you’re cooking, whether you’re serving a large group or a smaller one, and your own personal preferences. Many of the tools you already have in your kitchen can serve double duty on the grill, but there are a few that you’ll absolutely want to have available. Ideally, you would have a dedicated grill set, so you don’t have to hunt around for these tools when you’re in the mood to set up outside.

What to Look for in Complete Grill Sets

A comprehensive grill set should include most or all of the following utensils and grill accessories for sale.


Tongs are your best friend when it comes to grilling. They help you manipulate the food without getting in close, as the temperatures that are put out by the BBQ outdoor grill can get incredibly high. The tongs allow you to rotate food around so all surfaces are evenly cooked. They also allow you to position the food so that they get the perfect grill marks.


Spatulas are another useful tool for flipping your grilled food during cooking. For ingredients that are not tong friendly — like delicate fish, or flatter food — the spatula slips right underneath without any problem. When you’re choosing a spatula for your grill, make sure that it’s one that is suited for higher heat. You don’t want to end up melting plastic all over your grill while you’re cooking.

Basting Brushes

Basting adds flavor to your food and helps it stay moist throughout the cooking process. Depending on what you’re basting the food with, it can also help kick up flames so that you get a chargrilled finish to everything that you’re making. The typical basting brush for grilling uses silicone so that the higher heat doesn’t impact it negatively.


Long forks are another useful tool to have on hand for your grilling adventures. They are usually two-tined and are extra long so you can quickly grab food and move it out of the way onto the serving platter. You can also use it to check the doneness of the food. For example, with chicken you can poke it with the fork to see whether the liquid coming out is clear.


The grilling surface is hot, so if you need to get in closer to check out your food, you should have heat resistant gloves available. Otherwise, it may be too hot for your hands to be near the grill and you won’t be able to get everything you need done.

How to Choose the Best Individual Grill Tools

Outside of the basics, there are a number of useful individual grill tools that can make your grilling experience much better.

Sturdy Grill Brushes

Routine maintenance of your grill is a necessary part of keeping it running properly. Every time you grill, food particles, grease, oil, and other cooking material coat the grill grates. A grill brush is a metal bristled tool that helps to scrape the debris off of the grate so that you have a perfectly clean surface for your next grilling experience. They are easy to use.

Digital Meat Thermometers

Experienced grillers may be able to judge the doneness of meat through a simple touch, but not everyone is so lucky. Digital meat thermometers products are thin metal probes that are inserted into the meat to gauge the temperature so you can have precise control over the doneness. This grilling accessory is most useful for thicker cuts of meat that need to spend some time over indirect heat to bring up their temperature, prior to being put on the main part of the grill to get it seared. Some digital meat thermometers are designed to stay in the meat the entire time so you can check in on it often. You can usually set a timer for when the food reaches a certain temperature so that you can sear it off or take it off the grill to finish with the carry-over cooking process.

Grill Smoker Boxes

Smoked food has an incredible taste that is a sure crowd-pleaser, but you don’t always have the ability to have a separate smoker in your backyard. The good news is that grill smoked boxes work with your current BBQ grill, so you can use what you already have available to make flavorful smoked food in an oven type environment.

What grill accessories do I need?

The exact charcoal grill accessories you need depend on the type of cooking that you plan on doing. If you want to do a lot of unconventional food, you may need specialty grilling equipment, as well as pots and pans that are designed for the grill specifically.

The tools discussed above in the sets cover most of your basic needs, so you can start your grilling experience. As you spend more time at your grill, you’ll learn more about the tools that you wish you had available, so you can plan your purchases accordingly.

Other helpful BBQ grills and accessories include aluminum pans to cook food that would simply fall through the grill’s surface, such as smaller vegetables for sides. If you love making kabobs, a set of long-handled metal kabob sticks can make that process simple to do. You also don't have to search for something suitable.

What does every BBQ need?

When you’re planning a BBQ get together with your family, friends, coworkers, and others, there are a few top elements. The first is to have a menu that accommodates everyone coming to the event. You don’t want someone feeling left out simply because they’re not interested in the main entrée, after all. A good mix of grilled meat and vegetables can help make everyone feel included. The most popular grilled food includes hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, peppers, and mushrooms.

Make sure that you have enough servingware available for the expected group size and how much food you’re cooking. Aluminum roasting pans work great for serving up food at a BBQ. You’ll also want enough cups, plates, utensils, and napkins for the crowd.

Start cooking early so you have food available as soon as people start arriving. You don’t want everyone waiting an hour after they get to the BBQ to begin eating, after all.

Foods with shorter cook times can be grilled to order if you prefer, giving each person the freshest possible dish. However, that means that you’re going to be chained to the grill for a significant portion of the event. Some people may love that, while others would rather have the opportunity to get out and mingle with the crowd.

What are the best grilling tools?

The best grilling products are those that support your style of cooking, can stand up to high heat, and last for a long time with proper care. You’ll develop a set of grilling tools and accessories that become absolutely necessary every time you go out to the grill, as well as those that are brought out for more specialized occasions rights reserved.

Grilling accessories come in all shapes and forms. When you take a look at the options out there and how you cook when you’re at the grill, you can put together your dream toolset.

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