Swim Spas

With a swim spa, the fun, relaxation and fitness options are endless. Larger than a spa and smaller than a pool, swim spas offer the perfect space-saving solution for those looking for a pool and hot tub. Swim for miles against the water current without needing miles of space, or enjoy total relaxation with various hydromassage settings. When you don’t want to choose between a pool or a hot tub, choose from Watson’s premium line of premium swim spas. Then you’ll have fun, aquatic fitness and ultimate relaxation -- all in one. For Plug n Play Spas in the Columbus area you can also visit our affiliate.

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  1. Special Financing
    Fitness Series - 12' Signature (S12)

    Fitness Series - 12' Signature (S12)

    Special Price $14,499.00 Regular Price $19,999.00
  2. Olympic Series - 14' Freestyle (C-405)
    Olympic Series - 14' Freestyle (C-405)

    Olympic Series - 14' Freestyle (C-405)

    Special Price $21,199.00 Regular Price $28,999.00
  3. Olympic Series - 14' Freestyle (C-406)
    Olympic Series - 14' Freestyle (C-406)

    Olympic Series - 14' Freestyle (C-406)

    Special Price $22,999.00 Regular Price $29,999.00
  4. Fitness Series - 12.6' Malibu (C-210)
    Fitness Series - 12.6' Malibu (C-210)

    Fitness Series - 12.6' Malibu (C-210)

    Special Price $18,999.00 Regular Price $24,999.00
  5. Olympic Series - 18' Dual Temp (C-620)
    Olympic Series - 18' Dual Temp (C-620)

    Olympic Series - 18' Dual Temp (C-620)

    Special Price $31,999.00 Regular Price $39,999.00
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Shop Swim Spas at Watson's

Many dream of having room for a pool in their backyard. Swimming makes for outdoor family fun and provides plenty of exercise opportunities. Your own pool is like an aquatic fitness center, because swimming laps is a great cardio workout and gets your heart pumping. 

A swim spa is a perfect balance for those who want both fitness and relaxation. They are compact, energy-efficient, and offer both the exercise benefits of a full-size swimming pool and the relaxation of hot tub hydrotherapy. Our wide selection of swim spas features jets similar to a hot tub for easy access to relaxation and water therapy. A swim spa is perfect for those who prefer low-impact fitness. Select models even include fitness accessories like treadmills and resistance bands. 

With the compact size of a swim spa, you can fit a new outdoor fitness machine in backyard spaces that cannot hold a full-sized pool. You don’t have to sacrifice the exercise and recreational benefits of a complete pool installation. With the simple push of a button, swim spas feature a water current to keep your body moving. The best swim spas come with various water current strengths; some use their spa for casual exercise while others can use it for rehabilitation and low-impact workouts. When you’re done swimming, simply hop into the hot tub portion to relax or socialize. 

Our wide range of models can be used anywhere from light fitness to high-intensity training and hydrotherapy. All of our models are built to fit every type of swimmer's needs. Below are some examples of exercise features that can be used with a swim spa from Watson's:

  • Swimming Exercise. Swim spas give swimmers a wonderful aerobic exercise routine. Swim with different speeds and resistance from jets that match your swimming skill.
  • Jogging and Running. Swimmers can jog or run in their swim spa thanks to water buoyancy support. 
  • Relaxation. Swim spas are equipped with seating for spa relaxation after exercising or for a night with family and friends. Backlit seats and other features make an entertaining experience for the best family fun. 
  • Recovery. Built-in recovery seats in each swim spa with specially designed water jets can alleviate strain from post-exercise muscle soreness. Adjust the water temperature to suit your muscle relaxation needs.

Find one of your favorite swim spas at Watson's and benefit from a compact spa with full-size swimming pool capabilities. Shop our selection of swimming spas in person or online, and enjoy your new pool, fitness center and hot tub in one. 

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