Fire Pits

A fire pit is the main attraction of any outdoor event, so make sure yours can bring the heat. From sleek and streamlined, to rustic and traditional, our wood burning and gas fire pits come in a variety of styles to ignite the fun in any outdoor living space.

From cool summer nights to crisp autumn afternoons, bring all the comforts of a smokeless fire to your backyard or patio, and let the s’mores and stories begin. Visit your local Watson’s supercenter, or contact one of our experts to help you choose the perfect fit.

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  1. 3' Tamarack Log Holder
    3' Tamarack Log Holder

    3' Tamarack Log Holder

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  2. 3' Polygon Fire Bowl
    3' Polygon Fire Bowl

    3' Polygon Fire Bowl

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  3. As Advertised
    34" Square Fire Pit
    34" Square Fire Pit

    34" Square Fire Pit

    Special Price $899.00 Regular Price $1,399.00
  4. As Advertised
    42" Round Fire Pit
    42" Round Fire Pit

    42" Round Fire Pit

    Special Price $1,199.00 Regular Price $1,599.00
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  7. As Advertised
    42" Square Functional Firepit Smooth Black Concrete
    42" Square Functional Firepit Smooth Black Concrete

    42" Square Functional Firepit Smooth Black Concrete

    Special Price $2,199.00 Regular Price $3,829.00
  8. As Advertised
    42" Square Functional Firepit Black
    42" Square Functional Firepit Black

    42" Square Functional Firepit Black

    Special Price $2,199.00 Regular Price $3,329.00
  9. As Advertised
    42" Square Functional Fire Pit - Smooth Wenge/Uneven Slat Wenge (Base/Top)
    42" Square Functional Fire Pit - Smooth Wenge/Uneven Slat Wenge (Base/Top)

    42" Square Functional Fire Pit - Smooth Wenge/Uneven Slat Wenge (Base/Top)

    Special Price $2,199.00 Regular Price $3,829.00
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Outdoor Fire Pits

Want to gather round a warm fire with family and friends without leaving the comfort of your own backyard? Need help finding the best fire pit for you? Watson’s has you covered with the best gas and wood-burning fire pits for any intimate and cozy gathering with your close friends and family..

We offer a variety of fire pit shapes, including round, rectangular, octagonal, and square from top brands such as Agio, Hanamint, Plank & Hide and Tropitone, all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA. 

Our fire pit functionality consists of portable, traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Popular fire pit models include Banchetto, Chateau, Lake House, Sherwood, Trenton, and Tuscany. 

Patio furniture sets with portable fire pits come in a variety of configurations and are made from cast aluminum, steel and other metal blends. Quality outdoor furniture with fire pit patio sets may feature several chairs, patio heater, a couch, coffee table, or low chat set tables. You can also find a more affordable set that’s a simple standalone fire pit or a fire pit table and chairs with cushions.

Outdoor Fire Pit Style and Type

Today, fire pits are more stylish and sleek than ever before. Here are a few of the best fire pit styles that work great for most backyards:

Fire Pit Tables 

Fire pit tables are elevated higher from the ground than more traditional fire pits. They are typically made from steel or various forms of stone and often come with a surface to hold drinks.

Some can act as a dining table as well, with the fire pit in the center. Many gas fire pit tables are decorated with steel or wicker siding, making them aesthetically pleasing in your backyard. Each fire pit is great for casual or formal patio entertainment in your backyard.

Fire Pit Bowl 

A fire bowl is large in size and made of steel. They are suspended over a concrete patio floor by a frame and sit very low to the ground. Most fire bowls have a compact size small enough to place on most concrete patios or backyards. A bowl can come with an ornate lattice pattern, while others are made with a simple steel design. A fire pit bowl is great for creating an industrial feel in a modern outdoor space.

Fire Pit Kits 

Use fire pit kits to permanently install a backyard fire pit. Kits come with everything you need, including stones and adhesives. They include a fire ring to safely contain the flame as an added precaution. Some fire pit kits are rounded, but you can also find square fire pit kits as well. Fire pit kits are permanent and cannot be removed.

Be sure to shop for patio chairs, a chat set or an outdoor sectional to create a comfy and intimate space to enjoy the fire.

Most fire pits that are placed on a concrete patio can be portable. One type of fire pit is the wood burning pit. 

Wood burning fire pits are made of aluminum to withstand high heat and are easy to move around in case of patio renovations. Iron pits might be harder to move, but they tend to retain more heat. When choosing a fire pit, find one that you can enjoy safely throughout the year. 

Another type of fire pit is the gas-powered fire pit. They use natural gas or propane fuel, and require a gas line or propane tank to heat. Gas-powered fire pits are easy to use, and they turn on and off instantly. City dwellers and folks living in suburban areas tend to choose gas fire pits as opposed to wood, since wood fuel might be harder to find in urban neighborhoods.

Gas Fire Pits

Do you like the look of a real fire, but prefer something that requires less work and maintenance? A gas fire pit is a perfect solution. Gas fire pits feature natural gas and propane for fuel. 

Gas fire pits provide the perfect centerpiece for a chat set. Simply surround your gas fire pit with a set of comfortable chairs for an intimate conversation.

Patio furniture sets with fire pits are available in many price ranges. They can start at a simple standalone fire pit all the way up to a set with chairs, tables and more. 

These items may also qualify for free shipping and free delivery to your home as part of our customer service guarantee. 

Wood Burning Fire Pits

If you prefer a little smoke in the air on warm nights, a wood-burning fire pit could be the perfect fit for your backyard. Much like a solo stove, a wood-burning fire pit has a rustic charm for when you want to spend time outdoors year-round or like to entertain with roasted marshmallows and other over-the-flame food options. When you add a comfortable patio set alongside, you will find you need little help making time for family bonding.

Benefits of Fire Pit Sets

A steel fire pit table and comfy chairs and lounges with cushions provide a top opportunity to relax and sort your thoughts with a hot beverage and enjoy the flicker of flames. Whether you want to cook burgers on the grill, read in solitude with a soft blaze, or bring together friends for a social gathering, a fire pit provides the perfect backdrop. With access to excellent customer service and free delivery, you cannot go wrong.

Decorating with Fire Pit Sets

You will find fire pits are easy to stage once you get your set unpacked and into your backyard. Most customers prefer to set up chairs around the pit and use accent tables or coffee tables for additional surface. A broader chat set or tabletop with chairs may set off to one side or at the back of the pit. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit

Fuel Type

Wood, propane, and natural gas are the most common fuel types for fire pits. Propane and natural gas fire pits are smoke-free and easier to clean than a wood fire pit. A wood pit or solo stove will burn hotter but will also produce more smoke, soot, and ash.

Size and Shape

Make sure your fire pit fits the area. Models can range between 24 to 58 inches across and about 18 and 24 inches high.


A quality fire pit is an investment for your property that lasts a lifetime with proper care. A good gas or wood-burning model can range between $1,000 and $5,000 while a portable solo stove may cost a few hundred dollars.


Stainless steel, stone, and concrete are the most common materials used to make fire pits. The material you choose should not only suit your personal taste but also how frequently you intend to use your fire pit.

Features and Accessories

A fire feature like an adjustable flame, pull-out gas drawer, or even a decorative finish can differentiate fire pit models. You might also want to consider accessories like a fire poker, fire pit cover, glass wind guard, or remote controls.

People Often Ask

What materials and features should I look for when selecting a fire pit table type?

Search for a table product that fits in with your patio décor. A stone and natural element décor begs for a rich wood or natural slate tabletop. Use the sort-by-price feature to help find a product that best suits your budget.

Wrought iron accented with coordinating cushions is also a classic option that can also coordinate well with many grills or other patio furniture. You might also want to consider whether you want a gas-powered or wood-burning fire pit.

For a cozy chat set, sort through aluminum, steel, or plastic results based on your needs and budget. We have the best find for every customer with free delivery on many items. 

Which fire pit will work well with the current layout and design of my outdoor living space?

The type of desired fire pit that’s best for you will vary, depending on your budget, your patio design and your intended use. 

For instance, those who have a more natural backyard might want a fire pit kit with an added cooking grill to enhance the feeling of camping outdoors. A patio with a more modern design might need a patio heater or square fire pit that is raised to create a more conversational space.

For a customer with a large patio, it might be best to have a more robust set with a full tabletop and accompanying chairs that work well for outdoor seating near the fire pit. For the customer seeking conversation, we recommend a coffee table with a sofa and accent chairs. 

When the patio is smaller, we find the best patio decorations and products like a conservative tabletop and chairs that are used for both eating at the table and relaxation after meals. Most chairs, tables, and other furniture products are eligible for free delivery.

Our outdoor furniture experts are here to help you find the best fire pit for your budget, your space and your lifestyle. Chat with us now, or visit us in your local store. 


  • Which is the best fire pit type?
    • The best fire pit type depends on how you want to use your fire pit. A circular fire bowl, patio heater, or solo stove is perfect for a small family. But larger functional gas fire pits or fire tables might be a better choice for those who like to entertain. 
  • Can fire pits keep homes adequately warm in the winter?
    • A fire pit or patio heater can keep you warm in the winter when you’re outdoors, but you shouldn’t use a fire pit as a heat source for your home. 
  • Is a fire pit a worthwhile investment?
    • A quality fire pit can increase the value of your property if properly installed and maintained. Not to mention, a gas or wood-burning fire pit makes a great gathering place for your backyard or patio.
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