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Oval Above Ground Pools

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Oval Above Ground Pools At Watsons

There is no better place to cool off on a hot summer day than at the pool. Taking a dip in a pool is even more enjoyable when the pool is in your own backyard because you get a private party every time and all the comforts of home, with no travel time needed.

If you’re planning to purchase an oval above-ground pool for your backyard, Watson’s has you covered with the nation’s largest selection of above ground pools and guaranteed lowest price in the USA. Here are a few important factors in choosing the best pool for you, your space, and your budget. 

Swimming Pool Permits and Regulations 

Before you purchase an above-ground pool package or plan your dream pool, keep in mind that residential swimming pools may be regulated by the state, county, and city. So, depending on your location, there may be restrictions or laws put in place that you need to comply with. You’ll also likely need to obtain a swimming pool permit from your area’s Agency.

Talk to your local Agency or homeowner’s association (HOA) about any potential zoning requirements, building regulations, easements, fees, and official inspections before selecting a pool site. 

Consider the Placement

Once you get the green light to build and have obtained any permits, the first major step is to plan your pool site. It’s important that the size of your yard meets the requirements for your pool first and foremost.

Make sure the pool is easy to access and is positioned where the sun can easily warm the water. You should also determine whether or not you’ll want to add a walkway that leads to or around the pool. Your yard’s layout will help you determine which design elements can be accommodated to fit your needs. 

As a general rule, pools should be 8-10′ from trees. 

The Size and Shape

Once you know where you want to place your pool, think about the size you want to get. The size of an above-ground swimming pool depends on your budget, the size of your yard, and how many people you want to fit inside. There are various oval above-ground swimming pool sets that accommodate different size requirements.

If you have a small yard with only a few intended swimmers, a 12-foot wall height might be the best choice for you. If you plan on entertaining large amounts of guests, a larger pool will be ideal. 

After deciding on the size, you’ll want to consider the three primary pool shapes. These include a rectangle above-ground pool, a round above-ground pool, and an oval above-ground pool. If you are using your pool for exercise purposes like swimming laps or for water sports like volleyball, rectangular or oval-shaped above ground pools are the best choices. These may also increase the amount of available yard space you have. Round above-ground pools are easy to install and hold more water than other types of above-ground pools for the same price. 

Accessories and Equipment

An above-ground pool is often seen as an investment in your lifestyle and your space. This means that you’ll want to protect that investment, so plan for the pool supplies you need to maintain your pool properly. 

Above-ground pool equipment includes tools and gear like pumps and pool filters. These catch leaves, twigs, and other debris to keep your water clean. Pool skimmers let you scoop up any floating debris out of the water. Pool chemicals help keep water chemistry balanced for healthy, safe swimming all summer long. Proper closing of your pool, from chemicals to pool covers, keeps the water clean and temperature regulated during the off-season. This way, it is easier to open your pool next summer. 

Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools 

Watson’s has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor pool area. From oval pools to inground pool kits and accessories, we've got a wide selection for you to explore.

Browse our selection of above-ground pools and extra pool products like slides, ladders, and steps for easy navigation. Our pool lights and other accessories help enhance your summer evening pool experience. Contact us today to speak with a customer service representative to find a pool that works best for you.


Are oval pools or round pools better than rectangular pools?

It depends on what you’re using the pool for! Rectangular pools are great for swimming laps and may be able to fit more swimmers. But oval above-ground pools, round above-ground pools, and smaller above-ground pools are perfect for cooling off, relaxing, and casual swimming. 

What is the ideal size for an oval above-ground pool?

The ideal size for oval above-ground pools really depends on the amount of available space you have. But while the length and width of above-ground pools are limited by the dimensions of your backyard, the height of the pool walls can be chosen more freely. 

What is the most common size for an oval pool?

The most popular size for oval above-ground pools is usually 15’ x 30’. Oval above-ground pools come in a variety of sizes and the best choice depends on the available space you have to install a swimming pool.

How long do oval pools last?

It depends on what you’re using the pool for! Rectangular pools are great for swimming laps and may be able to fit more swimmers. But oval above-ground pools, round above-ground pools, and smaller above-ground pools are perfect for cooling off, relaxing, and casual swimming. 

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