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Patio Umbrellas & Bases

Rain or shine, add an umbrella, and you've got it made in the shade. With a range of styles, sizes, and tilt options to choose from, our selection of patio umbrellas and bases provides maximum coverage over built-in bars, seating areas, or dining sets and makes a versatile addition to virtually any outdoor ensemble.

Let it pop with a vibrant canopy, cool things down with elegant shade, and gather friends and family for an afternoon of alfresco entertainment. Need some inspiration for choosing the perfect umbrella? Contact our team of expert designers to help find the perfect patio umbrella for you.

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Under the Shade of a Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is more than just a decoration. It’s an essential part of your patio set that protects you from sun, rain, and heat. With a dependable patio umbrella, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed as you gather on the patio with friends and family.

A patio umbrella gives you a shady place to kick back outdoors. But the shade of an umbrella does more than provide sun protection. With the help of a patio umbrella, you can reduce the risk of sunburn from harmful UV rays and keep your skin healthy. And the UV protection will also help to protect lounge chairs and other patio furniture, preventing sun damage that can ruin upholstery. 

You’ll also have a cool spot to relax on those hot summer days. A shaded area can feel up to ten degrees cooler than areas exposed to direct sunlight. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of hot furniture scorching your bare skin, but an umbrella can give you the relief you need. 

Not to mention, the shade of a patio umbrella can help to protect mobile devices and laptops from overheating in the sweltering sun. The delicate hardware of modern gadget is susceptible to hot temperatures and leaving them exposed to sunlight on a hot day can be potentially disastrous. A patio umbrella gives you a place to put your devices without worrying about overheating or sun damage. 

And if you’re especially dedicated to spending time outdoors, your patio umbrella will keep you dry in rain and snow. You can take in the tranquility of the weather without ever getting soaked. Whether you're reading, birdwatching, or just collecting your thoughts, you can do it comfortably with the protection of a patio umbrella.

Depending on the type of umbrella you choose, you’ll also get some added privacy. An umbrella with a tilting arm or articulating joint can be positioned to block unwanted sunlight as well as unwanted gazes. You can do what you please on your patio without worrying about who’s watching. 

Practically speaking, a quality umbrella is an indispensable part of any patio set. Without one, a patio just looks incomplete. It would be like having a kitchen without an oven or a sailboat without a sail. 

It’s something you notice when it’s missing. Your patio umbrella will help to tie your patio space together, making it look more inviting and stylish. 

And since patio umbrellas come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can choose from a selection of umbrellas to match your style. No matter if you want a giant cantilever umbrella to shelter your patio or a set of tiki umbrellas to complete your tropical theme, you can choose exactly the design that suits your taste.

Patio Umbrellas 

Outdoor patio umbrellas are essential to any outdoor living space. They provide much-needed shade and UV protection on hot summer days and offer a nice touch of beauty and color to your backyard space. Outdoor patio umbrellas are primarily used on a patio or deck. However, people place them in a nearby garden, front yards, poolsides, and in the middle of an outdoor dining set. Having an outdoor table umbrella makes dining outdoors comfortable and straightforward. 

Watson’s has a wide selection of patio umbrellas and bases, all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA. Before purchasing your patio umbrella, here is a guide to deciding the size, style, and features you will need for your outdoor space. 

Umbrella Size

Size is an essential factor when choosing your new outdoor umbrella. If the deck or patio umbrella is too small, you might not receive enough shade or coverage from lousy weather. However, if the umbrella size is too large, you might have issues with the surrounding area. Tree branches, tall shrubbery, and other environmental factors could make it difficult to open and close your patio umbrella. At Watson's, each outdoor umbrella comes in various sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect umbrella for your patio. Outdoor patio umbrellas can come in a 10 foot or greater height, with a top width of 9 to 13 feet in diameter. 

Umbrella Style

The most popular style of outdoor umbrellas is the standard Market umbrella. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Market umbrellas have an upright design, with a pole in the center that runs down and anchors into the base directly below. The pole is often positioned inside an umbrella hole in a table, which is often called an outdoor table umbrella. There are other styles of umbrellas too, like the free-standing Cantilever umbrella. 

Cantilever umbrellas, also known as offset umbrellas, have a free-standing pole offset on one side instead of the center of a Market umbrella. Compared to Market umbrellas, the best cantilever patio umbrellas typically offer more flexibility in the free-standing adjustment mechanisms. Cantilever umbrellas are useful for large outdoor dining sets since their free-standing poles do not need to be positioned in the dining table's center. They are often larger than usual market umbrellas, but they are also available in small sizes. 

Other styles and materials can be found to match your outdoor space and decor. Patio umbrellas can be free-standing with poles in the middle or with a pole on one end (Market and Cantilever). Sunbrella is a top-notch fabric choice for a colorful and vibrant umbrella that is made with high-performance and mildew-resistant polyester fabric. 

For minimal outdoor decorating, select a patio umbrella set, so everything matches. You can even choose a solar-lit umbrella or patio umbrella with lights built-in for a dazzling nighttime look. 

Umbrella Features

Outdoor patio umbrellas can include unique features that come in handy when the sun moves throughout the day or if you want to move patio furniture around. Tilting an umbrella is the most common feature people utilize with their outdoor umbrellas. The umbrellas are designed to block sunlight that can be overbearing during the hot summer months. 

Tilting mechanisms include manual tilts, collar tilts, pushbuttons, and rotational tilts. There are many other types of tilt mechanisms available to best suit you and your guests' needs when entertaining outdoors. These mechanisms come in a push-up, crank lift, pulley/pin, and latch/lever options.

Other popular patio umbrella features include swivels, built-in lighting, easy-crank lift functionality, collapsible poles, and wind vents for better airflow. Keep these essential product features in mind when purchasing a patio umbrella.

Bases and Covers

Outdoor patio umbrella bases are built to keep your umbrella anchored and in place during inclement weather. Patio tables that go through an outdoor dining table need a secure umbrella stand, even if the patio dining table itself is steadying it. 

Watson's offers stands and bases made of wood, plastic, or metal, all designed to look beautiful next to a patio umbrella and the rest of your outdoor furniture. We also have the right umbrella cover for whichever design you choose.

Your outdoor umbrella or table umbrella size determines the weight needed in the base to keep the unit steady on your deck or patio. 

If you plan to move your outdoor patio umbrella consistently, choose umbrella stands with wheels built-in. Stands with wheels let you roll your umbrella to various outdoor areas. They can provide shade by the pool, fire pit, grill, and more. 

Watson's makes it easy to choose umbrellas that fit your lifestyle. Our standard and decorative canopy bases typically do not require assembly and are measured and designed to fit most patio dining tables. Some umbrella bases may be included with the umbrella or sold separately. Bundle options may vary.

Kinds of Patio Umbrellas

There are several kinds of patio umbrellas on the market, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Before you choose the best umbrella for your patio, consider which type is right for you.

Table Patio Umbrella

A table patio umbrella is probably the most popular type of patio umbrella. They fit in the center of a patio table with enough canopy fabric to provide shade over the entire sitting area. Patio umbrellas come in a variety of sizes and colors but are restricted to patio tables in terms of placement.

Tilting Patio Umbrella

A tilting patio umbrella has an articulating function that allows for an easy canopy tilt of the umbrella at an angle to block the sun. These umbrellas are perfect for those who want to stay outside for extended periods since the tilt mechanism can block the hot sun as it moves throughout the day. This is also a great option for anyone who wants a little extra privacy on demand.

Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever patio umbrellas are made with an extra large base to support the offset angle of the umbrella. Many models come equipped with a crank lift for easy opening. This offset umbrella is great for outdoor furniture but isn’t restricted to a patio table to hold it in place. Instead, cantilever umbrellas can be placed on almost any stable surface with enough room to fit the heavy umbrella base. 

Market Umbrella

A market umbrella is a standalone umbrella with a straight pole at the center that can easily fit into a patio table. They are closely related to patio table umbrellas in terms of design. The difference is that a market umbrella usually has an open design with flexible fiberglass ribs while the umbrella canopy of patio umbrellas is usually solid fabric. 

Sail Umbrella

Sail umbrellas don’t need an umbrella pole or base to support them, but rather tie off above a patio set to act as sun shades. Any elevated anchor point like a tree or rooftop is perfect for a sail umbrella. Sail umbrellas are popular with homeowners who have kids because there’s no base to trip over. But this type of umbrella does take some extra effort to set up compared to other types. 

Tiki Umbrella

For those dedicated to a tropical theme, a tiki umbrella is essential. This type of umbrella is best suited for a pool or deck umbrella but can be added to a patio for an exotic touch of style. Depending on the material, tiki umbrellas with wooden poles might not provide as much shade as traditional umbrellas. 

The main attraction of this type of umbrella is the thatched grass appearance more than the shade and shelter it provides. Realistic upper-end models can be expensive, but the tiki style also makes a great budget umbrella.


Market umbrella vs. Patio umbrella: What is the difference?

Market umbrellas and patio umbrellas are very similar. Both are supported by straight poles and need a base to hold them upright. But the difference between market umbrellas and patio umbrellas is that market umbrellas usually have an open design with ribs while patio umbrellas are usually solid fabric. 

Is a light patio umbrella better than a dark patio umbrella?

Typically, a light-colored umbrella is a better choice than a dark-colored umbrella. Dark patio umbrellas will absorb and retain heat more than light ones. So, a light patio umbrella is better for keeping cool.

Aluminum vs. Steel: which metal is better for a patio umbrella?

Steel umbrellas tend to be cheaper than umbrellas with a powder-coated aluminum frame but still have comparable strength and durability. However, steel models will be heavier and more difficult to transport than aluminum. Aluminum pole umbrellas are relatively lightweight, better at resisting rust, and are available in multiple finishes.

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