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High-Quality Fireplace Glass Doors 

When looking for high-quality fireplace glass doors, it is important to consider the aspects of what makes a fireplace door good. Construction aspects like the sturdiness and visibility of the door are tell-tale signs of a quality door. Other things to consider are the kind of fireplace you have, the style of glass door you want, and the safety qualities. All of these aspects can be important in picking out the fireplace glass doors that will be perfect for your home.

Benefits of Fireplace Glass Doors

Historically, fireplaces provide families with warmth, comfort, and a steady flame to cook meals for the day. In this day and age, fireplaces are also used for visual attraction and they are even decorated to make them the center of attention in the home. Some fireplace accessories are created for visual appeal, but they can also be functional and useful. A factory built fireplace, custom masonry fireplace, and many other options can contribute to the style of your home and give your living area a unique or cozy look. Fireplace doors add a beautiful touch to the home while also ensuring efficiency and safety. Hundreds of energy dollars are lost up the chimney when you don’t have fireplace doors. Fireplace doors help protect your family and your home while also saving you money on electric bills.

What is the purpose of glass doors on a fireplace?

The number one purpose for fireplace doors is for safety. If the glass doors aren’t there, there is a much higher chance of someone getting injured. Even if you don’t have children or pets, you could still run the risk of getting hurt. Materials surrounding the fireplace catching fire is a possibility. To ensure that everyone stays safe, it is important to properly install a glass door that is up to standard. This creates an environment that is safe and enjoyable and an overall less stressful experience for you and your family.

Do fireplaces need glass doors?

Glass doors help your fire burn better because it protects the fire from blowing out. They enclose the burning area, preventing cool air from coming in, which allows the firewood to burn more and generate more heat. The glass doors help absorb and radiate heat throughout the room much better than a fireplace with no glass doors. They can also provide a more clean and stylish look to your fireplace, you can pick from a variety of styles of glass doors that will fit your home best.

An open fireplace can work effectively without having glass doors, however, there are many benefits to having them. Installing glass doors can help reduce the amount of heat lost up a chimney when closed and can prevent warm air from leaving the house, which can save you a lot of money on your electric bills.

Can you replace the glass doors on a fireplace?

Yes! Replacing fireplace doors is usually a simple process. Here are some tips for replacing the glass doors in your fireplace:

  1. Have your fireplace cool for two hours or more. The fireplace doors should not be hot when you touch them.
  2. Wear gloves when you open the doors. If you reach behind the upper corner of the door, you should find pivots at the lintel or at the higher part of the frame. Once you find the thumbscrew, you can loosen it by hand or with pliers.
  3. With one hand, hold the door together and slide the upper edge of the door inside towards the middle of the lintel until the doors are clear. Then, slowly lift them up and out of the framework.
  4. Do the same process on the opposite side. 
  5. Next, close the new sets of hinged doors together. You will see the handle or the knob of the innermost door facing out once they are closed. The set of the doors should be angled to fit the pivot pin at the lower edge of the outer door into the hole at the lower frame. 
  6. Move the upper edge of the set in the direction of the side open. Line up the edge of the outer door with the framework and reach up behind the outer door to tighten up the thumbscrew until it’s tight.
  7. Repeat this process on every door.
  8. Close the doors and make sure that the seams come together in the middle of the lintel. The seam should be about ⅛ inch wide when the doors are fully closed and tightened correctly. 
  9. When you purchase a set of glass doors for your fireplace from Watson’s, it will come with instructions about the installation process for you to follow or refer to.

How To Deploy Fireplace Doors on Wood Burning Fireplaces

Installing fireplace doors on a wood burning fireplace will depend on the kind of doors that you are putting in. Though, some basic steps on installing fireplace doors that you can follow are: measure the area that doors need to fill before you purchase and then make sure to have tools to use to screw the handles, hinges, or any other materials in.

Instructions will come with your fireplace glass door kit for you to follow easily. Some of Watson’s wood fireplace doors come almost fully assembled and ready to be installed in three easy steps. There are doors designed for factory built fireplaces from Watson’s that only leave attaching the handles up to you. Purchasing and installing fireplace doors from Watson’s will save you time and money that purchasing custom doors would not.

How To Use Fireplace Doors on Gas Fireplaces

If you have a brick chimney that your fireplace sits at the bottom of, a draft of cool air is able to come into your living space. But, if you have fireplace doors that are closed, this can be prevented. With closed fireplace doors when you are not using your fireplace, you will save money on your air conditioning because air will also not escape up the chimney. Zero clearance fireplaces from Watson’s are designed to have their own insulation and they do not need any distance from combustible materials in your home. These fireplaces combined with Watson’s fireplace door will keep your family and your home safe. So, you will want to make sure that your doors are closed most of the time for optimal safety from the fire and to save yourself money on air conditioning in your home as well.

For your gas fireplace, you can also purchase gas logs at Watson’s. We have all your gas fireplace needs and more. Fireplaces can be a focal point of a living space in your home if you want them to be. They can be used to show off your exquisite style and prompt people to ask who created your fireplace look. You can tell them to shop at Watson’s for their fireplace needs and explain how easy it is to install our fireplace doors on your own in a few simple steps.

Cleaning tips for Fireplace Glass and Wood Stove Glass

Here are some tips that have been developed to clean the glass panels of your fireplace:

  1. When you are using your fireplace regularly, you should clean your glass doors once a week, or as often as you think is necessary.
  2. Burning a hot fire before cleaning the glass can help remove any build up or soot that may appear on the glass. It is important to let the fireplace cool down before you begin to clean it.
  3. Make sure to clean the glass from build up in this natural way instead of using a sharp tool such as a razor to scrape off the build up. This will scratch and ruin your glass doors, so avoid this. The scratching can also provide a place for soot to build up even more and cause your glass doors to become even more dirty.
  4. Wear reusable or disposable gloves to protect your hands while cleaning from any cleaning solution or possible heat.
  5. Here’s a cleaning solution tip: To clean both fireplace glass and wood stove glass, vinegar has been known to be a good solution. Crumpled-up newspaper pieces or paper towels dipped in vinegar can be used in a cleaning method of scrubbing in a circular motion against the glass. It is a great way to clean wood stove glass especially.
  6. Another tip if your tempered glass is smoky, is to mix one part vinegar with three parts warm water and put it into a spray bottle, use this to spray the fireplace glass and let it soak for about 30 seconds. Then use a clean cotton cloth to scrub the glass.
  7. There are also cleaner pastes with ammonia for glass panes that you can purchase, though these sometimes will leave streaks on the glass if you are not careful. The vinegar and warm water can be a solution to streaks left on the glass.

These tips can help keep your fireplace glass and wood stove glass look shiny and brand new.

Refer to the instructions that you get with your glass door purchase from Watson’s for an idea of how to clean the specific doors that you order.

Shop Watsons

At Watson’s, we offer fireplace glass doors for gas burning, wood burning, and a variety of other fireplaces. Our fireplace glass doors fuse style and safety to create the perfect accent to your fireplace. Watson’s also makes it easy for you to install these fireplace doors on your own without a hassle. Call us today and learn about our fireplace glass door options!


  • What if I can't find a compatible Glass Doors for my Fireplace Model?
    • Watson’s has a wide variety of glass doors to choose from that may be compatible with your fireplace model. We have glass doors for gas fireplaces, prefab fireplaces, masonry fireplace, wood burning fireplaces, and more. You can also purchase custom doors if you are unable to find compatible glass doors.
  • What is the purpose of glass doors on a fireplace?
    • Glass doors on a fireplace have the purpose of keeping the fire in and protecting people and materials around the fireplace. They also have the purpose of reducing heat and cool air loss by as much as 90%. Not only are they functional but they also give your fireplace a nice look.
  • Can you put glass doors on a fireplace?
    • Yes, you can put glass doors on a fireplace. It is a functional and stylish way to contain the roaring fire. There are different types of glass doors for the kind of fireplace you have of the style door you want, such as: masonry doors, bi fold doors, black fireplace doors, cabinet doors, and more.
  • What are the glass doors on a fireplace called?
    • Glass doors on a fireplace can be called masonry fireplace doors, bi fold doors, wood fireplace doors, cabinet doors, fireplace screens, and more. The name of the fireplace door will depend on what kind of fireplace you are installing a door onto.
  • How much does it cost to install a fireplace glass door?
    • You can install a fireplace glass door on your own with no additional cost than the cost of the doors themselves. You will not have to pay anyone to install the door because your door kit will come with detailed instructions and you should be able to complete it in a few simple steps.
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