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Winter Cover Care & Maintenance

Suggestions on how to protect your pool cover year-round.

  1. For springtime opening, clean cover with a solution of Swimway Tile & Vinyl Cleaner or Natural Chemistry's Clean & Perfect to remove winter grime. Always allow the cover to dry thoroughly before folding and storing the cover off the ground.

  2. Do not leave the winter cover on the grass, as it will kill your lawn.

  3. Always pad sharp edges and decking before covering the pool for the winter.

  4. Do not bring winterizing chlorine level above 3.0 ppm when covering the pool for the winter. Doing so will damage the cover and is not covered under the warranty.

  5. WINTER COVERS ARE NOT WATER TIGHT and may allow some seepage into the pool. Over time, the cover’s weave may loosen and allow a greater amount of seepage than when new. This is not covered under any warranty.

  6. If water accumulates over four inches on the cover, remove it with a pool cover pump or siphon. It will be necessary to add fresh water to the pool to maintain proper water level. Failure to do this may damage the cover and pool and void the warranty.

  7. It is NOT recommended to hang bottles filled with water or cement blocks to the bottom of the cover to help hold it down. This causes undue stress and tears the cover. This practice voids all warranties.

  8. All winter covers are warranted against seam separations and manufacturer’s defects for a set period of years on a prorated basis. Likewise, small tears or punctures will not affect the performance of the winter cover and can be patched. Please note: The manufacturer or retailer is not responsible for tears or punctures.

  9. In the event of a seam separation during any part of the warranty period, bring the winter cover along with proof of purchase to the Watson’s Customer Service team.