Round Above Ground Pools

When you add an above ground pool, you’ll find your next vacation destination in your own backyard. With models ranging from 15’ all the way to 33’, our complete line of top-quality above ground pools is a cost-effective way to beat the dog days of summer for years to come. Installation is a breeze, so you’ll be splashing or relaxing poolside in no time. Simply put, we’re the pool experts, and we have an entire selection of above ground pools and related accessories at the best prices you can’t find anywhere else – Period. Not ready to dive in head first? Contact one of our pool experts, or visit us at your local Watson’s superstore. We’ll help you select the right above ground pool for your lifestyle and budget.

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Shop Our Selection of Round Above Ground Pools

There is no better way to relax on a warm summer’s day than by dipping your toes in a swimming pool. Having a pool in your home’s backyard can help you and your family have all the fun together. Watson’s has been in business for more than 50 years and has the nation’s largest selection of round above ground pools available, including model sizes ranging from 15 feet all the way up to 33 feet, all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA. 

If you’re adding an above-ground pool to your home’s backyard space, you’ll need to take a few key considerations to make sure you find a swimming pool that best works for your home: 


First, determine where your swimming pool will be set in your backyard. Try to make it easy to access and see from your house, and position it where the sun can easily warm the water. Consider if you’ll need to lay a walkway to walk to it, or if you will want a deck, patio or slide around your pool. If you do plan a deck, the pool wall height is connected to how tall you’re going to make the deck. The layout of your backyard can help determine how you’ll set the pool around the space. 

Shape and Size

After you’ve determined the best spot for your pool, consider the size. The size is dependent on how much space you have to allot for a pool in your backyard. If you have a small yard, pools that are 15 feet long in diameter will probably work best. If you frequently entertain or plan to host pool parties, consider a larger size pool, assuming you have the space. Finally, consider how deep you want your pool to be. Most come in either 48 inches or 52 inches deep. Many choose a size that is 52 inches in deep for a more submersible pool experience; however, this is entirely based on personal preference. 

Pool Pump, Filter, and Other Cleaning Accessories

Next, choose the equipment and accessories that are best suited for your use. Because a round above-ground pool will be used for years, you’ll want to get the best cleaning supplies that can keep your pool clean every season. These tools and supplies include a pool filter and pump to clear debris like twigs and leaves. A pool filter, pump, and skimmer will help scoop floating debris out of the water, while pool chemicals help balance the water chemistry for safe swimming. Pool covers can be used when you aren’t using the pool to keep it clean and warm. Covers are a must for the off-season to keep the water temperature regulated for an easy open next summer. 

And, of course, pool games and toys are just as important as the cleaning supplies. Browse our selection of inflatable toys, balls, and more. 

If you’re considering installing a steel above-ground pool, consider our wide selection of pools at Watson’s. They are simple to install and provide years of fun for the entire family. We offer many different types of steel above-ground swimming pools to choose from, so any size will work for your backyard. Customize your pool any way you want with extra pool accessories like inflatable pool toys and more. 

Round Above Ground Pools

Watson’s is here to help you have all the fun (and stay cool, too). 

It starts by having the nation’s largest selection of steel above-ground pools available in model sizes ranging from 15 feet all the way up to 33 feet, all the guaranteed lowest price in the USA.

With a steel, round design engineered to prevent corrosion and withstand off-season weather conditions, your maintenance is low when the summer heat is high. 

And at Watson’s, you’ll find everything you need for your pool -- from the round above-ground pool accessories and chemicals to inflatable water toys for the family – all in one place. 

Stop by your local Watson’s superstore to speak with a pool expert, or chat with us online now. 

Shop Watson’s selection of round above-ground pools, cleaning products and inflatable pool toys to create the best outdoor swimming experience in your backyard. 

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