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  1. 10' Viking Spas - PWW10
    10' Viking Spas - PWW10

    10' Viking Spas - PWW10

    Special Price $17.59 Regular Price $21.99
  2. 25' Dream Maker Spas - PDM25P4
    25' Dream Maker Spas - PDM25P4

    25' Dream Maker Spas - PDM25P4

    Special Price $25.59 Regular Price $31.99
    Available In-Store
  3. 30 Current Hot Spring - PWK30
    30 Current Hot Spring - PWK30

    30 Current Hot Spring - PWK30

    Special Price $31.99 Regular Price $39.99
  4. 50" Replacement Filter - Universal Use PWW50P3
    50" Replacement Filter - Universal Use PWW50P3

    50" Replacement Filter - Universal Use PWW50P3

    Special Price $34.39 Regular Price $42.99
  5. Alkalinity Increaser - 2lbs

    Alkalinity Increaser - 2lbs

    Special Price $9.59 Regular Price $15.99
  6. Apple Sandalwood Aromatherapy Crystals - 17oz

    Apple Sandalwood Aromatherapy Crystals - 17oz

    Special Price $13.59 Regular Price $16.99
    Available In-Store
  7. Be-ne-fit Water Therapy

    Be-ne-fit Water Therapy

    Special Price $7.99 Regular Price $9.99
  8. Bright & Clear

    Bright & Clear

    Special Price $15.99 Regular Price $24.99
  9. Bromine Activator

    Bromine Activator

    Special Price $10.39 Regular Price $16.99
  10. Cabana Cove - PWW50L
    Cabana Cove - PWW50L

    Cabana Cove - PWW50L

    Special Price $35.99 Regular Price $44.99
    Available In-Store
  11. Cal Spas - PPM50SC-F2M
    Cal Spas - PPM50SC-F2M

    Cal Spas - PPM50SC-F2M

    Special Price $35.99 Regular Price $44.99
    Available In-Store
  12. Cal Spas 50 Spas - PRB50-IN-M

    Cal Spas 50 Spas - PRB50-IN-M

    Special Price $39.99 Regular Price $49.99
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Spa Supplies and Equipment

So, you have the hot tub of your dreams, but now you need to make sure you take great care of it. Unsure where to begin? We’re here to help. Here at Watson's, we sell a large selection of hot tub and spa supplies to fit your needs. We also offer countless accessories and other equipment to help you get the most out of your hot tub or spa. Whether you need hot tub cleaning supplies or spa accessories, we’ve got you covered.

An outdoor hot tub is a luxurious amenity to have available. Maybe you love spending summer nights in it, letting the hot water relax your muscles and the jets provide a great massage. Or maybe you want to beat the winter chill by enjoying the delicious contrast between freezing cold and the 100+ degrees of the hot tub.

Either way, it’s a wonderful option to have for everything from relaxation to social time to aquatic therapy. You can make the hot tub experience even better by adding accessories that take it to spa-level heights.

Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

The right mix of spa accessories depends on the size of your hot tubs, how many people commonly use it at the same time, whether you want to have aromatherapy sessions, the type of water in your region, and your preference for outdoor spa accessories. When you prepare the hot tub and set it at the perfect temperature, consider these accessories to make it that much better.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Much like any other form of aquatic entertainment, you need to treat your water to ensure that it's kept clean, uncontaminated, and will not expose people to harsh conditions. The standard array of hot tub chemicals does a good job of balancing the PH of the water and eliminating bacteria that are introduced through hot tub usage. These chemicals have instructions that are specific to each brand, as the concentrations or mixes may be different. If you're in an area with particularly hard water, you may have to add other chemicals to compensate for the high mineral content of the water. The hot tub jets and inner workings can get compromised by calcification, so it's important to keep a close eye on it.

Finding the right combination of chemicals can take a lot of trial and error, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everything from the water source to how sensitive you are to the chemicals impacts the concentration that you use in your hot tub. Testing strips can take away a lot of the guesswork, as it can show you exactly where you're at when it comes to the PH level and other important indicators.

Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are useful for a lot of reasons. When you add hot tub accessories like a hot tub cover, you're able to take better care of your investment. You prevent debris from getting blown into the hot tub and stop wildlife from getting stuck in the water. Pollen during the spring and summer is another major problem, and you can block a lot of it with the right cover. If you have small children or are in a neighborhood where kids or pets roam, having a strong cover protects against any preventable accidents. The hot tub cover also decreases the amount of water that you need to add to keep the tub topped off. The water that evaporates drips back down into the tub, so you're not losing a lot of moisture to the surrounding air. The cover materials come in many forms, but they're generally designed to stand up to high humidity environments without promoting mold and mildew growth. They are easy to clean and should be regularly maintained so they can keep protecting the hot tub from errant materials.

Your hot tub spa cover should be designed in a way that makes it easy to lift and close. You don't want to struggle with opening the hot tub cover when all you want to do is enjoy the warm water. The perfect hot tub cover is capable of being operated by most people on their own, without help.

Cover Lifter

The hot tub cover lifter is an accessory that assists you with the opening and closing process. If you find that you find the cover hard to lift on or off, then this is the best accessory you can invest in. Have your hot tub time any time you want, whether or not there's someone around to help with the cover. There are even some smart versions of spa covers and lifts out there, for people who are particularly tech-forward and want a fully connected home.

Hot Tub & Spa Steps

Getting in and out of hot tubs can be difficult for people with mobility issues, and some tub designs simply get in the way of allowing people to easily access the hot tub. Spa steps make it easier and safer to get in and out of the tub. When you're selecting this type of hot tub accessory, a few factors to keep in mind is the weight limit of the steps, the way that it attaches to your hot tub, its overall footprint, and whether it has extra features to improve this part of the hot tub experience. Another thing to consider is whether you want steps that are relatively vertical, similar to pool steps, or if you want an easier to deal with grade. Spa lifts are another option to help people who are completely unable to manage steps.

Hot Tub Lights

One of the most helpful spa and pool accessories you can have are hot tub lights. Many hot tubs are positioned in locations where the footpath is dark, and when you're trying to head out for a relaxing evening, you don't want to stub your toe or trip over an unseen obstacle. They're also great if you want to read while you're in the tub, see the people that you're talking to, or set the mood just right.

Hot Tub Spa Accessories

On the spa side of things, you also have an extensive range of aromatherapy scents that you can add to the tub. They quickly add their pleasing scents to the air, making your hot tub area smell like your own personal oasis. It's hard to beat that after a long and trying day at work. Before adding these scents, make sure that anyone using the tub isn't sensitive to fragrances. They can be quite powerful.

Hot Tub Therapy Spa

There are many ways that you can continue to grow your hot tub into a truly therapeutic experience. Consider picking up a Bluetooth speaker so that you can play relaxing music for yourself and your guests while they're in the tub. Put up privacy fencing or screens around the hot tub to make it into a spa enclosure. You can add soothing colors as decor as well as appropriate spa lighting to reinforce the relaxation goal of this part of your yard. While the rising steam from the hot tub deters many flying insects, it can be useful to set up deterrents nearby. Completely clean out your hot tub on a regular basis and change out the water as needed so that you're always promoting a fresh and clean environment.

Your hot tub is one of the best experiences you can have to relax and enjoy your evening. When you pair it up with the perfect set of hot tub accessories for your needs, you take everything to the next level. Looking to buy hot tub supplies online? Watson’s has you covered. Your one-stop shop for spa supplies.

Order Your Spa Accessories Online, Today!

If you already own a spa or plan to buy one, you are probably familiar with the many benefits spas offer. However, many aren't familiar with the perks of hot tub parts/accessories and how they can improve your hot tub spa experience.

Hot Tub Entertainment

Hot tubs are places of calm, peace, and relaxation.

The good thing is that spa supplies, including spa covers, chemicals, or lights, allow you to fit your spa with various items to entertain yourself. From speaker systems to iPods, you can add an extensive range of products to boost overall entertainment.


The right spa accessory can satisfy your entertainment needs and increase your safety. If you want to add a hot tub cover or LED lights, you can add to the overall pool and spa appeal while keeping small animals away.


You can make your spa even more functional with the right decoration from the right brand. From air mattresses to drain valves, filters, and other items, you can maximize functionality and adequately maintain your bathtub.

At Watson's, we offer our customers high-quality products from various brands. Contact our store at 513-326-1100 or go online to sign in, create an account, and take advantage of the attractive deals.

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