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Pool Chemicals

So refreshing and so clean – that’s how your pool should be. From test kits and sanitizers, to balancers and algaecides, find the essential pool chemicals and chemical dispensers you need to maintain your above or semi-inground pool all year long. And because you’re with Watson’s, find peace of mind knowing your pool stays clean and clear with our Algae Free Guarantee Program.

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  1. 1" Mini Slow Tabs - 10lbs

    1" Mini Slow Tabs - 10lbs

    Special Price $119.99 Regular Price $139.99
  2. 1" Mini Slow Tabs - 25lbs

    1" Mini Slow Tabs - 25lbs

    Special Price $199.99 Regular Price $229.99
  3. 25lb. Swimway 3" Jumbo Slow Tabs

    3" Jumbo Slow Tabs - 25lbs

    Special Price $189.99 Regular Price $219.99
  4. 3" Jumbo Tabs - 10lbs

    3" Jumbo Tabs - 10lbs

    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $119.99
  5. Algae Free Guarantee Value Package

    Algae Free Guarantee Value Package

    Special Price $88.98 Regular Price $99.98
  6. Algae Preventative

    Algae Preventative

    Special Price $15.99 Regular Price $18.99
  7. Algaecide, 1 gal

    Algaecide, 1 gal

    Special Price $13.99 Regular Price $15.99
  8. Alkalinity Plus - 10lbs

    Alkalinity Plus - 10lbs

    Special Price $24.99 Regular Price $39.99
  9. Alkalinity Plus - 25lbs

    Alkalinity Plus - 25lbs

    Special Price $51.99 Regular Price $89.99
  10. Alkalinity Plus - 5lbs

    Alkalinity Plus - 5lbs

    Special Price $18.99 Regular Price $21.99
  11. Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station

    Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station

    Special Price $179.00 Regular Price $249.99
  12. Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator

    Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator

    Special Price $112.95 Regular Price $129.99
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Shop Pool Chemicals

Warm weather is just around the corner, and that means it's time to order pool supplies to keep your backyard oasis worry-free and hassle-free. At Watson's, we're here to meet all your pool chemical needs with our wide selection of pool supplies. We offer free shipping on pool supplies (certain restrictions may apply).

If you're not sure what type of pool chemical starter kit makes the most sense for your needs, we’re here to help in store, via live chat or over the phone. 

If you live near a Watson’s location, stop into one of our local stores to check out our pool maintenance supplies and chlorine treatment products. Our friendly associates are here to help make it simple for you to find the right pool supplies, pool covers, cleaning chemicals, chlorine tablets, and chlorine dispensers.

In participating locations, our experts can even test your water for free, then show you the exact pool supplies you need to use to help your pool be clean and look crystal clear. 

Pool Chemicals and Supplies

Pool Algae Control

Whether you’re a new customer just getting started with an above ground pool chemical starter kit or you know what kind of pool chemicals you need, algae control is one of the most important pool supplies you need.

Algae control is part of regular maintenance for every pool. Order pool algae control today to see if you qualify for free shipping. Just enter your address, including zip code. It’s that easy!

Pool Balancing Chemicals

You want the pH of your pool to be just right. Check out our selection of online pool chemicals for sale (with free shipping*) to help you keep your pool water clean and clear. 

Pool Chemical Starter Kits

Are you looking to refresh and clean your pool? We can help. Our online pool chemicals starter kits are the perfect products to use as a way to restore your pool and have it sparkling clean, just like new.

As a Waston’s customer, set up a free online account so you can easily reorder pool chemicals right online. Take advantage of the lowest price in the USA and free shipping offers.

Pool Chlorine & Dispensers

Whether it’s because of poor weather conditions or you had a big party, there will inevitably be a day when your pool water is not as clean as it was on fill-up day. 

Be prepared to get your pool back to sparkling, and use pool chlorine & dispensers. Order chlorine & dispenser products now with free shipping* so you'll have all the supplies you need this summer sent straight to your home. Simply fill out your address and zip code information for free shipping on pool chlorine & dispensers.

Pool Salt

Do you have a saltwater pool? Watson’s has you covered there, too. Be sure to get the salt supplies you need now, before you see a sunny weather report and wish you had ordered sooner. Get your pool salt now with free shipping.*

Pool Scale, Metal, & Stain Control

Time to get your pool clean and ready for your family and friends. Use a scale, metal, and stain to control swimming pool chemicals supplies for your pool water. The right supplies keep you relaxed knowing your pool will be ready for the summertime. 

Pool Shock

You'll want to use a pool shock product at the first sign that your pool water is in trouble. With the guaranteed lowest price in the USA and free shipping*, there's no reason not to stock up on pool chemicals for sale.

Pool Test Strips

The cleanliness of your pool may vary. You'll want to make sure that you find your pool water is within a normal alkalinity range. Order test strips supplies now with free shipping* so that you're prepared. 

Pool Water Clarifier

Before your first guests come over this summer to see your beautiful pool, get your pool water perfect with pool water clarifier chemicals. Once used in combination with pool test strips, a pool water clarifier can help keep your water sparkling clean. Order pool water clarifier products online now with free shipping.* Additionally, search for a water clarifier at a Watson’s near you. Search with your zip code to find the closest location.

Pool Chemicals From Watson’s

Shop our endless selection of pool chemicals and supplies in-store and online today. Find swimming pool supplies, pool chemicals, and other pool-related searches online. Order today to receive free shipping* on our wide selection of pool supplies and cleaning chemicals. If you need help, contact our expert representatives for additional pool supply information. 

Are you a new customer? Search with your zip code to find a store location near you to find everything you need. Enter your email address below to receive notifications on deals and sales all year long!

* Some restrictions may apply to the free shipping offer. See site for details, or ask one of our friendly experts for the current promotions. 

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  • Which chemical is vital for a pool?
    • A sanitizer like chlorine is the most vital for swimming pool maintenance and care. Chlorine kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that live in the water. When proper amounts of chlorine are added to pool water, swimmers are far less likely to get sick. It’s important to emphasize essential elements of pool maintenance for the best swimming experience and chlorine is at the top of the list.
  • What chemicals do I need to buy for the maintenance of my in-ground pool?
    • Swimming pool cleaners like chlorine and bromine, cyanuric acid pool stabilizers, water clarifiers, algaecides, and pH balancing chemicals are some of the best fitting tools for pool maintenance. It’s also a good idea to use test strips to manage the alkalinity of your pool’s water.
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