Pool Care 101: Headache-Saving Tips

Having your very own pool is a blast. There’s also a long list of to-do’s in order to keep your pool safe and sparkling clean. In an effort to spare you from the stress, we’ve compiled a few insider tips to help you spend more time enjoying your pool, and less time maintaining it.

  1. Have mason sand delivered within 20 feet of the pool site, but not inside the pool area.

  2. For safety and to ensure long-term enjoyment of your pool, thoroughly read all manufacturer instructions and warnings for pools, equipment, and chemicals.

  3. When putting in new filter sand in a sand filter, use backwash cycle first for one minute before running on filter cycle. This will prevent sand and dust from going into your pool at start up.

  4. Always use teflon tape on threaded fittings to prevent leaks. Apply tape in the opposite direction the fitting is threaded so tape stays on while being threaded in.

  5. Don’t overtighten filter fittings and pressure gauge, as this can damage the filter head.

  6. A few days after initial installation, check and re-tighten hose clamps and fittings. Clamps can become loose with expansion and contraction of hose due to temperature change.

  7. For most efficient results, add chlorine in the evening after the sun goes down.

  8. To get maximum enjoyment from your pool, use a solar cover for those cool nights and to extend your swimming season.

  9. Be sure to protect your solar blanket from direct sunlight when not in use and remove from pool when chlorine level is high.

  10. Be sure not to leave solar or winter covers on grassy areas to prevent lawn damage.

  11. To eliminate excess water around pool area, use a backwash hose to remove waste water.

  12. A good cover and proper winterization will save you money and time in the spring when opening your pool.

  13. If a patch is ever needed, use a good quality vinyl patch kit that can be used underwater. To insure a proper patch, do the following:

    • Apply liberal amount of adhesive to patch and place patch over hole.

    • Apply pressure for several minutes.

  14. Protect vacuum/cleaner hose from direct sunlight for longer life.

  15. Before replacing a cover, try patching it the same way as a liner or possibly use duct tape.

  16. Adjust water return eyeball to create a circular motion (down and away from skimmer.) This will allow debris to flow towards skimmer more efficiently.

  17. For best results, replace filter media each season.

  18. The heavier the vacuum head, the less pressure you will need to apply. This makes vacuuming easier and requires less time.

  19. Locate the filter system as close to the pool as possible for maximum filter efficiency.

  20. The type and size of filter can make a big difference in the time spent on pool maintenance and pool appearance. The better the filter, the less time you will spend on your pool.

  21. Use a low chlorine mineral system to sanitize your pool and a pool cleaner to automatically vacuum your pool, so you can spend less than 15 minutes maintaining your pool each week.