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Introducing the Odor-Blocking Pool Chlorine

Chlorine tablets are the most commonly used sanitizing delivery systems because they are the most stable and easy to handle form of chlorine.

The only complaint most people have is the odor.

The ClearView Scent-Trific tabs offers advanced, full strength chlorine technology that give your pool the clean power of chlorine without the harsh aromas.

The individually wrapped trichlor tabs give your pool a fresh floral scent, with a stable, slow dissolving 98% chlorine formula.

All chlorine slowly degrades over time. It’s a natural effect of the interaction with the environment. However, stable tabs give off much less gas. The more gas, the less chlorine there is to sanitize your pools.

That chlorine smell is also tied to how fast your tab dissolves.

A well-formed, high quality tab will dissolve much slower and give a longer sustained, consistent chlorine delivery than a lower quality tab.

Scent- Trific tabs are formed under 20 tons of pressure resulting in a dense, slower dissolving tablet with a consistent delivery.

That means the tabs are stronger and longer lasting than other brands, saving you as much as 25% on chlorine usage.

Learn more about the ClearView Scent-Trific tabs.