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How to Re-Open Your Spa or Hot Tub

  1. Replace clean and dry filter cartridges.

  2. Replace drain plugs on filter canister and pump housing.

  3. Tighten union fittings on heater and pumps.

  4. Check that gate valves are open.

  5. Replace cap on the main drain valve.  Refill spa with a garden hose through filter standpipe or suction fitting.

  6. Important: Turn thermostat back to the off (cold) position before restoring power to spa.

  7. Reconnect the spa to the power supply.

    • A. 115 Volt Models: Plug the power cord into the receptacle.

    • B. 230 Volt Models: Reset the GFCI breakers located in the subpanel.

  8. Start jet pump with touch button on control pad.

  9. Prime plumbing system by bleeding air from release valve or drain plug on pump housing.

  10. Follow chemical procedures listed on “Spa Operation/Water Chemistry” sheet and/or as instructed on DVD.

  11. Turn jet pump to low speed circulation mode.

  12. Turn thermostat to on (heat) position.

  13. Allow ample time to heat.

  • 230 Volt Models: 8-10 hours

  • 115 Volt Models: 24 hours