Gas Fireplaces

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Gas Fireplaces

Thinking about purchasing a gas fireplace for your home?

Watson’s is here to help you find the right type of gas fireplace for your home. We will walk you through the many features to look for while explaining how to find a unit that provides enough heat for your living space. When the first night of winter arrives, all you’ll need is a remote control to cozy up your living room. 

Read on to find everything you need to know about how gas fireplaces work and which model is best for your home. 

Types of Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces come in three different types: inserts, log sets, and built-ins.

  • Inserts. This traditional fireplace option is for those who want to retrofit wood-burning fireplaces with something a bit more convenient. 
  • Built-ins. A built-in fireplace is perfect for people who want a fireplace where there isn’t one in a room. 
  • Log Sets. Log sets are basic fireplace burners that sit in existing, open fireplaces. 

When deciding which option is best for you, it is important to note that both inserts and built-in fireplaces provide reliable heat. Log sets are typically used for looks as opposed to warmth. Knowing each gas fireplace type allows you to then choose the different models with a direct vent to move the flames outside or vent-free versions that eliminate exhaust into your home. 

Insert Fireplaces

Insert fireplaces are log-and-burner combinations that sit inside a metal box inserted into an existing fireplace. Inserts warm air in the gap between the box and the insert, radiating heat from a firebox. The only preparation is to install holes for gas or electrical lines to run. Inserts come in either vented or ventless options with fixed metal screens or glass panels. 

Built-In Sets

Built-in fireplace sets do not require a pre-existing fireplace or chimney. Vented built-in units with fixed glass panels will cycle air and exhaust directly through an exterior wall opening. Vent-free options have a fixed glass panel or metal screen to a direct vent exhaust out of the room. 

Log Sets

The log set fireplace is the least expensive option and comes as a stack of ceramic logs with a gas burner that sits inside your existing fireplace. Holes must be drilled to access gas and electric lines. Like inserts, some units are non-venting while others vent up into a chimney. When it comes to vented sets, a damper must be opened at all times to prevent CO complications. 

Alternative Fireplace Options


It is common for homeowners to purchase a sparkling bed of tempered glass to fit nicely into a modern fireplace. 


Ceramic coal lumps generate a low glow similar to fires fueled by actual coal. 


Stone fireplaces use colored ceramic rocks to provide a rustic feel, perfect for cheap cabin options. 

Benefits to Choosing Gas

Gas-burning fireplaces are perfect for nearly any home. Wood-burning options are suitable for ambiance, but they’ll never beat the easy and efficient gas fireplace. 

Here are some of the benefits of a gas fireplace:

  • Gas fireplaces do not require splitting, stacking, or hauling logs. 
  • There are zero ashes to bag, no smell of smoke, and no chimney to maintain. 
  • Starting and stopping fires can be completed using a remote control.
  • Gas fireplaces do not need to be tended to; they’ll never die out. 
  • Wall thermostats can control the flame, making temperature control simple.
  • Fixed glass panels ensure that the furnace’s heated air does not escape the flute like it would in a wood-burning fire. 
  • Nearly 75% of a gas fuel’s energy can come back as heat, as opposed to the only 30% that comes from wood-burning fires. 
  • Gas fireplaces can be placed in nearly any room: basement, bathroom, or outdoor patio. 

Additional Considerations

How much does a gas fireplace cost?

At Watson’s, our gas fireplace options can cost anywhere from $850 to $2,000 and more (prices subject to change). Heat-producing fireplace inserts may cost more than a built-in option. If you are unsure which option is best for your budget, contact a Watson’s expert today. 

Should I get natural gas or propane?

Gas fireplaces can burn gas or propane. Ultimately, the option is up to you. Natural gas is typically less expensive and produces a little more heat than propane gas. Most people choose propane if they live in areas where gas is unavailable. 

Should I hire a contractor to install the fireplace? 

For a safe and efficient installation that looks exceptional, hiring a contractor to install your fireplace is the best option.

How much maintenance is required?

Having a certified technician come to your home once a year to clean and adjust your fireplace is ideal. Yearly maintenance will ensure you have realistic flames that are free of soot. 

How many BTUs?

Purchase a gas fireplace with a heat output in BTUs that matches your room size, insulation levels, and location climate. 

Gas fireplaces have an extensive range of heat output. Multiplying the area of your room (in square feet) by your ceiling height (in feet) and your BTU zone will yield a proper calculation for how much heat output your space needs. This formula assumes that your house is well insulated and that winter fireplace temperatures will heat your home to an overall climate of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Vented vs. Ventless Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace will not produce smoke or odors. However, gas fireplace flames create pollutants, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and sulfur oxides. Vented fireplaces send emissions outdoors, while non-venting options send them straight into your home. 


Vented options are the most efficient and safe option for heating your home. They use a pipe that sends fresh air from the outdoors into a sealed firebox, while a direct vent gas pipe removes the combustion fumes. These pipes go up a flue or straight through an opening in an outside wall. 

Ventless (Vent-Free)

Ventless (also known as vent-free) units do not require a flue, so they are installed anywhere. They are nearly 99% efficient since the heat stays entirely in the room. Due to air-quality concerns, indoor ventless units are made to burn extra clean output. They have an oxygen depletion sensor that shuts off the fire if oxygen levels drop below 18%. 

Gas Fireplaces from Watson’s

Choose a gas fireplace that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your indoor space without the need for wood. Consider a stylish gas fireplace or convert your wood fireplace into a gas fireplace option using an insert or vented gas log set. 

At Watson’s, we provide the highest quality gas fireplaces and exceptional customer service. Our professional experts can walk you through the entire fireplace purchasing process to find the highest-quality product that best suits your needs. 

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Create an ambiance of warmth and relaxation with the flick of a switch when you bring home an electric fireplace. 

Cozy up to our collection of electric fireplace products from top brands, each fully functional and easy to use, so creating the perfect mood is as simple as pressing a button. Whether classic stonework warms your heart or modern wall-mounts fuel your fire, our wide variety of electric fireplaces offers you the best brands, at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA. 

Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Electric fireplaces are perfect products for homeowners who don't have a mantel already set up for a fireplace. Electric fireplaces are stylish electric heaters that mimic the look of realistic wood fireplace flames. Typically, electric fireplaces utilize LED lights that roll and reflect light, creating a fire-like flame. Since electric fireplaces don't require fuel to heat, they can be used without heat added to your home. This is great for people who want the look of a crackling fire in their living room without the additional heat. Most electric fireplaces are built with thermostats and remote controls to control the temperature easily. 

A 120-volt outlet is used to turn on electric fireplaces. They work with two standard types of heat control methods - infrared quartz and forced fans. 

Infrared Quartz

Infrared quartz disperses heat via invisible infrared light. This light warms surfaces instead of the surrounding air. With distributed heat, your living area has more comfortable temperatures. Infrared quartz also leaves humidity in the air to create a comfortable home environment. 

Forced Fans

Forced fans are essentially silent fans that blow air overheated coils to warm up a room. 

Electric Fireplace Types

No matter which type of electric fireplace you choose, zone heating is often used in electric fireplaces. Everything except the heating area will remain cool in your home. Safety is a key concern to many new homeowners with children or pets, so an electric fireplace is perfect for those who want to childproof their home. Electric fireplaces are also available as inserts for existing fireplaces and chimneys or all-in-one options. The great part of choosing an electric fireplace is that every type operates without venting from the heat source. 

Those who prefer to have an all-in-one unit may find that a media console might be a great addition to their living space, as they can hide wires while also serving as a television stand. There are also wall-hanging pieces that come in sleek and modern designs. Wall-hanging fireplaces are mounted with brackets similar to hanging a television. A wall-hanging model is perfect for families that want conversation rooms instead of TV rooms. 

Additionally, a free-standing electric fireplace model is commonly placed against a wall or corner. They come in modern, traditional, and transitional free-standing styles. There is always a perfect free-standing or modular electric fireplace to fit your living space at Watson's. 

Multifunctional Features

Many electric fireplaces double as a television stand or a piece of furniture in your living space. Browse our selection of multifunctional electric fireplaces, and search for product specifications that best match your living space. Even multifunctional fireplaces are easy to use, as they plug into a typical 120-volt outlet with no installation required.

When choosing an electric fireplace, consider the size of your space and how you'll need to use the fireplace. Forced fan fireplaces are great for smaller apartments. If you have a living room no bigger than 400 square feet, you may find forced fan electric fireplaces to be the best option. Infrared quartz fireplaces can heat rooms around 1,000-1,500 square feet. Choose an infrared quartz option if you have an open, spacious living room in your home. 

Always remember that heating ability comes down to your home's space and environment. If your living room has tall ceilings and windows, the area may retain less heat naturally than a small closed living room. Electric fireplace effectiveness is important to consider, as it helps close in on options that are best suited to your needs. 

Which Electric Fireplace is Best for You?

Need help? Our team of experts at Watson's is here to help you find the perfect electric fireplace to meet all your needs, functionality, and style. Our list of questions to consider below can help you find the best electric fireplace for you and your home. Our job is to help you find the perfect electric fireplace for your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Your needs may vary, which is why our comprehensive guide can help you find the best electric fireplace option. 

Are you looking for ambiance or functionality?

All electric fireplaces create flame effects to a certain degree. Electric fireplaces are also operated without heat. A small room might have a primary focal point like a fireplace mantle or a wall-mount option. Some fireplaces offer side lighting, backlighting, and multi-colored flames. 

If style is your priority, you may want to consider a wall-mounted electric fireplace. If your focus is to create a more realistic living room fireplace, an electric fireplace insert might be the best option for you. Inserts plug into the back of your mantle. Make sure to consider the need for functionality to determine if traditional or modern fireplaces are suitable for you. 

Is supplemental heating a need?

Electric fireplaces are typically divided into infrared quartz and forced fan options. These options matter to rooms of different sizes, as stated above. Measure your space to determine which fireplace option is best for you. Supplemental heating might be a necessity that calls for an infrared quartz option. 

Do you need a multifunctional option?

Electric fireplace entertainment centers can be found in different sizes, styles, and finishes. Space-saving options might be great for those who need to place a fireplace in a small corner. For those who do not need multifunctional electric fireplaces, consider a fireplace mantel insert or a complete installation of a full electric fireplace setup. 

Electric Fireplace Benefits

Electric fireplace systems are fulfilling in both style and functionality. The electric fireplace itself is a small component to completing the focal point of your living space. When finding a unit that is best for your living room, consider factors such as:

  • Form. Take the time to consider your options, especially if the electric fireplace will be the focal point of your living room. 
  • Function. Make sure the electric fireplace fits into your living space. Always measure the size of the fireplace, especially for multifunctional pieces like an electric fireplace TV stand. 
  • Value. The lowest price on a deal is always nice, but make sure that your purchase makes sense. After all, electric fireplaces are often the focal point of a living room. Be sure to get an electric fireplace that you know you'll be happy with year-round. 

Electric Fireplaces at Watson's

Watson's has a selection of electric fireplaces that provides a cozy atmosphere and heat you need without the hassle of a traditional fireplace system. Our cost-effective heating options come in various styles, making it easy to find an option that best fits your living room. 

Shop our wide selection of top-brand electric fireplaces at Watson's in-store and online today. We offer free shipping and delivery on select items. 

Need help? Be sure to ask a Watson's expert for help to find the best electric fireplace for your home and your budget. Our excellent customer service can help you answer questions and find what you need, at the guaranteed best price in the USA. Contact us or call us today for help.

Talk to an Expert

If you need some guidance or know exactly what you want, our experts can help you achieve your own personal
style. Or you can always visit our stores to explore the country's most unique selection of furniture.

Amazing SelectionAmazing Selection

Amazing Selection

More to choose from; more ways to customize your purchase.

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Incredible Value

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Total Trust

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Personalized Service

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