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Firepit 101: How to Create a Sizzling Outdoor Oasis


As the popularity of fire features for the outdoors continues to grow, new innovations in design and materials hit the market every year. 

A category that once consisted of a simple round pit with basic gas logs has now evolved into beautiful designer hearth tops, colorful glass media and product in all shapes and sizes imaginable. 

Here are a few tips on creating a sizzling backyard oasis, with fire as the star attraction.

What are the benefits of adding a firepit to one’s outdoor setting?

As far back as we can document, fire has been a gathering spot for humans to interact, contemplate or relax. This must be an instinctual attraction to humans, as it is as strong as ever today.  

A firepit is a place to reconnect with your family and friends, forget about the stresses of life, and just plain relax and enjoy yourself.  Gathering around a fire brings a sense of contentment that you can’t put a price tag on.

How much maintenance is required? Do the pits need to be protected from the elements in winter? How can the products be stored?

Very little maintenance is required. 

Consumers need only to inspect and clean the top and base with mild soap and water, and wipe dry on porcelain and cast aluminum tops. Use Weiman’s stainless steel polish on natural hammered copper tops. 

We recommend covering your firepit when not using for a long period of time.  The units can be left outside covered or brought into the garage with the propane tank disconnected.

What fireside products are best for smaller spaces? 

Consider a 30” ror 36” round firepit for smaller spaces. You can find a selecfiton of firepits at counter height version for balcony and/or bar settings.

What type of accessories can enhance a Casual Fireside presentation even more?

There are a myriad of accessories that can enhance the use of an outdoor firepit. 

Lazy Susan’s metal covers, glass guards and decorative metal guards are just a few of the accessories that are available, depending on your needs.   

These tips are courtesy of O.W. Lee president Terri Lee Rogers. OW Lee’s Casual Fireside collection has one of the most comprehensive outdoor portable firepits available on the market. Browse O.W. Lee’s collection of outdoor furniture and firepit chat sets now.