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Home Theater Seating Buying Guide

If watching movies or playing video games is your ideal way to spend free time, then turning your rec room or basement into a home theater may be the perfect option. From leather home theater seating sets to reclining console sofas, we have the key pieces to bring the big screen experience to your home. Below are a few helpful hints and key considerations to help you pick the perfect seating for your home theater.


We recommend measuring the room you’ll be converting as your home theater or media room. This way, you’ll know exactly how much space you have for your home theater seating. Keep in mind that reclining sofas require at least 4” of room between the wall and the headrest for clearance in full recline mode.

You may also need to accommodate any media consoles, coffee or side tables, gaming devices, and extra space for cords and power strips.

Better yet: Bring in a picture, rough sketch, or the exact dimensions of your space into the store, and a Watson’s expert will be happy to help you design your perfect home theater seating. Just ask!


What style are you envisioning for your home theater or media room?  Contrary to what you’d find in most commercial cinemas, red carpeting, black décor, or an all-around dark aesthetic are not style requirements for your home theater. Our styles range from contemporary sofas designed with sleek, clean lines and stainless steel accents, to more classic options made with top-grain leather, rolled arms, and tufting for a quilted effect.

While we certainly offer home theater seating available in classic colors like black and red, you may also choose from tans, creams, crisp whites, light or rich browns, and varying shades of gray to match virtually any home theater décor. Depending on which material you choose, the colors can range anywhere from shiny and sheen, to muted and matte.

Next, let’s talk fabrics. From performance fabrics like LethAire to protected and natural leathers, our selection of home theater furniture comes in variety of materials. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a sofa cover material:

Thanks to its sanded, finished surface, top-grain leather offers a consistent, smooth feel found in many of the top-of-the-line sofas. While thinner and more flexible than full-grain, top-grain leather will not develop a patina or tarnish from oxidation. If you’re looking for a more affordable, easier-to-maintain material, LethAire may be the best suited option for you. Though synthetic, this leather alternative perfectly imitates the look and feel of genuine leather.

Seating Types & Configuration

In addition to style and space, the type of home theater sofa you choose depends on how many people you would like to seat. Whether you’d like your seating arrangement configured in a straight line or slightly curved, we have a full line of plush home theater seating sets that will provide you and your guests with an optimal viewing experience – all from top brands like Lambor Furnishings, Natuzzi, and Palliser.

Console Loveseats: Party for 2? We have just the ticket. Maybe you like to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, or games during a quiet night in. Or maybe your home theater is tight on space. In either case, a dual-console loveseat is the ideal home theater sofa for your lifestyle. (Hint: Kick the comfort up a notch and make it a dual recliner).

3-Seat Home Theater Sofas: If 2’s company, then 3’s a party.A 3-seater set is a great space-saving compromise for homeowners looking to host a lifetime of home movie nights with family and friends. For the ultimate comfort and support in full recline mode, opt for the chaise styling.

4-Seat Home Theater Sofas: If you have a large family or anticipate hosting a handful of movie-goers often, a 4-seater set might be the perfect option. Better yet: Add a second set of sofas to create multiple rows of seats. This way, your friends and family have enough room to spread out, relax, and choose from a variety of seating options – just like in a real cinema. Of course, this depends on how much space you have.

Custom Home Theater Sofas: Whether you need one individual chair or 5 or more sofas for your home theater, we have a variety of seating number options to suit your needs. Just ask!

Home Theater Seating Features

Is the ability to recline at the touch of a button important to you? Do you need compartments to store your remote and devices? Think about which features you’d like to have in your home theater sofa set. With Watson’s, it’s possible to bring all the flashy features of the cinema to the privacy of your own home.

Powered Headrest:Power-adjustable, padded headrests expand or contract to your liking to relieve neck and back strain for maximum comfort. Now that’s something you and your guests can rest easy about.  

Storage Capacity: In any media room, there’s bound to be a few remotes or devices that can easily be misplaced. That’s why home theater seating with spacious storage capacity is a must. These compartments are conveniently hidden in padded armrests to maximize space.

Removable Tray Table: Each seat can include a tray table that mounts in the console grommet, then stows away in the storage arm. If you like to  snack or drink during your viewing experience (and who doesn’t?), this option takes the cake.

Ambient LED Lighting:  To make your home theater truly stands out, choose ambient LED lighting under each footrest and cup holder, conveniently controlled by individual power cords.

Cup Holders: From a holder with antique finishes, to ones with stainless steel and LED lighting, cup holders put the finishing touches on your home theater seating. Plus, many cup holders are removable to make clean up a breeze. If you and guests prefer to sip on something tasty (courtesy of your home bar), then cup holders may be the perfect option.

Power Recline: What’s rest and relaxation without the ability to kick back, relax, and put your feet up? Our full line of home theater sofas features push-button, powered back recline and individual footrests. At the touch of a button, you and your guests can go as far back, or remain as upright, as you see fit.


If you have questions regarding how to choose the right home theater furniture, we are happy to help.  Get in touch with a Watson’s expert for more information.

Or come see for yourself. Visit us in store and experience the ultimate comfort and style that a home theater seating set can add to your home.