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As the warm weather grows near, you're looking forward to keeping tensions low, kicking back, and enjoying one night after another relaxing in your clean hot tub. As a hot tub owner, you know the importance of clean spa water. You want to use a hot tub chemical kit that will keep your hot tub’s water clean no matter how long it's been since you last opened up your hot tub. Let's take a look at some of the different products we offer to help you get bacteria out of your hot tubs, so you're left with clean spa water with proper alkalinity.

Spa Chemical Types

In order to keep your water chemistry, pH level, and spa water in healthy ranges, you'll want to use a hot tub chemical starter kit. Be sure that your product type includes balancers, clarifiers, cleaners, sanitizers (like chlorine and bromine), and any special part of a spa chemical kit that you may need (such as a tester for alkalinity).

Hot Tub Sanitizers

You'll want to keep your sanitizer levels in a healthy range. It's important to use a sanitizing chemical, such as chlorine or bromine, to kill bacteria and make your hot tub safe for you and your guests.

Water Testing

As you get your pool and spa chemicals ready for your hot tub, you'll want to be sure you test your water for bacteria levels, calcium hardness, and alkalinity. This isn't a one-time thing - you'll need to check your water regularly to make sure it's safe and free of bacteria.


Do you want to create the best hot tub experience possible this year? You may want to become an aromatherapy customer. Aromatherapy is a natural, low-cost way to help add an extra level of luxury to your hot tub.

MPS Spa Shock

In order to keep your water clean and remove bacteria, you can use MPS spa shock products with chlorine and bromine after checking your sanitizer levels.

Water Balancers

The concept of balanced water for your hot tub is simple. You want to keep your water at the proper pH level. A water balancer can help you ensure that your spa water is right where it needs to be.

Spa Clarifiers & Spa Maintenance

Is your spa water looking a little worse for the wear? Spa clarifier products can be an excellent fit for ongoing spa maintenance, especially if you're nearing the time for a new filter.

Filter Cleaning

You don't always need a new filter when your water is looking cloudy. Sometimes, cleaning your filter is all that it takes to get things back on track.

Spa Cover Care

You'll want to use a floating spa blanket to protect your cover from mold and chemical residue.


  • What chemicals are needed for a hot tub? 

You'll need chlorine and bromine, and may require other chemicals depending on your personal spa needs. Our team is here to help our customers search for the right personal spa products.

  • Are hot tub chemicals harmful to you? 

Nope! As long as you keep your spa chemicals within acceptable ranges, they're perfectly safe.

  • How soon can you use a hot tub after adding chemicals? 

If you use chlorine in your hot tub, you'll need to wait at least 24 hours before getting in the tub.

  • How do you maintain chemicals in a hot tub? 

You'll need to use a hot tub chemical test kit to check your levels and ensure that everything is within a healthy range.

  • How often should you check hot tub chemicals? 

You'll want to check the chemical levels in your hot tub 2-3 times per week on your own, and it's best to have your chemical levels checked professionally at least once a month.

  • How do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear? 

Using a clarifier product and keeping your filter clean can both go a long way in helping you keep your spa water crystal clear.

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