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5 Tips to Design Your Outdoor Space

Friends eating on patio

1. Consider what you’ll use the space for most.

Plan to throw a large event, like a neighborhood party? If so, multiple seating options sprinkled throughout your outdoor space provide smaller, more intimate seating to keep the conversations going.

A simple family BBQ more your speed? Start with an outdoor dining or bistro set, or create smaller dining spaces with chairs and end tables.

2. Personalize your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor style.

Select pieces that mirror your current interior style, yet are designed to live up to the elements.

For example, if your interior style is modern, look for outdoor pieces with clean lines to create a cohesive look and feel.

3. Set your budget.

Choose décor that fits within your budget. New pieces can always be added over time. Plus, it allows you to curate the space based on changing needs.

4. Pick comfortable, user-friendly furniture.

Take some time and sit in the chairs, lounge in a chaise, and pull up to the table. Relax just as you would at home to see if each piece is the right fit for you and the space.

5. Consult with a designer.

Whether you have questions on specific products or are looking for fresh style ideas, our design experts are here to help every step of the way.