What Makes a Professional Poker Table

Even amateur card enthusiasts can benefit from playing on a professional poker table. Trying your hand at a table dedicated explicitly for poker is a great way to set the tone of the evening and organize all of your games in one spot. 

Setting up a professional poker table can certainly make your gaming more fun! We've outlined exactly how to do it.


Make the Investment

Poker tables differ from traditional or regular tables because they are designed specifically for the game. They are generally crafted out of very sturdy wood and can be a little on the heavy side, but they are typically designed to still be portable.

You can also get these tables in several different sizes to better accommodate your group. 


Chip Holders

Any poker game worth its salt comes with stacks of chips. Traditional tables require you to pile up all of your chips in one spot and hope they don't fall. If you opt for a professional poker table, you'll have a selection of chip trays to keep all of your chips organized and ready for play.

Many poker tables also come with drink holders, so you don't have to worry about someone spilling their beverage all over the cards. Some tables also have a padded element built right into the table itself, allowing players to rest their hands or elbows on the table and is especially suitable for people who like to lean forward as they play.


Printed Instructions

Who says that you have to play traditional poker all of the time? Professional tables come equipped with all different gaming instructions to enhance your play and allow you to switch games. The rules are printed directly on the board, so there's no disputing what the play looks like.

Professional poker tables also generally have a very glossy surface that's easy to clean, just in case you get snacks or drinks on the table. Many of them fold up for easy transportation and are small enough to slide just about anywhere.

If you love to get together with friends for a fun game of poker, it's a good idea to look into a professional table.