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  1. 11' Cantilever Umbrella Cover

    11' Cantilever Umbrella Cover

    Your Price $50.00
    Compare at $99.00
  2. 36" Bistro & Café Set Cover

    36" Bistro & Café Set Cover

    Your Price $45.00
    Compare at $99.00
  3. 42"-48" Square Firepit Cover

    42"-48" Square Fire Pit Cover

    Your Price $52.00
    Compare at $129.00
  4. 48" Round Table & Chair Set Cover

    48" Round Table & Chair Set Cover

    Your Price $97.00
    Compare at $199.00
  5. 48"-50" Round Firepit Cover

    48"-54" Round Fire Pit Cover

    Your Price $45.00
    Compare at $129.00
  6. 54" Round Table & Chair Set Cover

    54" Round Table & Chair Set Cover

    Your Price $99.00
    Compare at $239.00
  7. 58"x38" Rectangular Firepit Cover

    58"x38" Rectangular Fire Pit Cover

    Your Price $52.00
    Compare at $139.00
  8. 60" Round Table & Chair Set Cover

    60" Round Table & Chair Set Cover

    Your Price $143.00
    Compare at $319.00
  9. 72" Oval/Rectangle/Square Table & Chair Set Cover

    72" Oval/Rectangle/Square Table & Chair Set Cover

    Your Price $162.00
    Compare at $399.00
    Available In-Store
  10. 84" Medium Oval/Rectangle Table & Chair Set Cover

    84" Medium Oval/Rectangle Table & Chair Set Cover

    Your Price $110.00
    Compare at $239.00
  11. AKZP Umbrella Cover

    AKZP Umbrella Cover

    Your Price $40.00
    Compare at $124.99
  12. Bar Height Chair Cover

    Bar Height Chair Cover

    Your Price $39.00
    Compare at $59.99
    Available In-Store
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Outdoor furniture covers

Outdoor furniture covers come in all shapes and sizes. You want to find a patio furniture cover with a bit of heft to prevent slipping over time and avoid blowing away in the wind. Waterproof patio furniture covers also help keep your patio furniture from becoming saturated over time due to accumulated moisture seeping through to the cushions and other surfaces. The use of a cover helps keep your upholstered items free from mold and provides the best results for maintaining appearance.

Bench covers

Bench covers help keep wood and metal benches in superior shape for decades of use. With both plastic and canvas options, you can choose your material based on the frequency of use in the off-weather months. A cover capable of being pressure washed can make the bench accessible as a storage location when not in use. A simple blast of water can remove salt, potting soil, and any other residue as the bench is uncovered for a new season.

Chair covers

Furniture covers for chairs are available in a variety of sizes and materials. The best options provide a high degree of coverage while protecting the chair from all outdoor elements. A fitted option covers patio furniture with less need for added weight and provides a better seal against the elements. Suited products can also free you from the need for custom covers by stretching to cover odd-size or highly decorative chairs.

Chaise lounge covers

A chaise lounge cover needs to cover the seating area of the chaise fully. If you use a more extended cover to protect the legs, pick heavily weighted canvas or weighted plastic products to prevent blowing when the item is stored outside in the wind. A mesh chaise lounge can be covered year-round when not in use to prevent sun damage to the surface.

Furniture set covers

Many outdoor seating and table sets feature custom covers for an additional charge. Search for your set and filter the results for cover options to review all of the possibilities.

A custom set covers patio furniture like a glove, and each piece is sewn or molded to fit particular design elements. When your set does not come with covers, look for a set made for it or find products for each component, such as a set that covers patio furniture seating arrangements and a second cover for the tables.

Glider covers

Glider covers take into account the shape of the gliding swing and cover patio furniture from the top to the deck level. These are designed to form a custom fit with very little room for air pockets to form under the cover. Often all-weather covers are neutral looking to keep the patio tidy when the furniture is free from use. Always try to order a glider cover with free shipping when you purchase your patio furniture to ensure you can protect it as soon as it arrives.

Loveseat covers

Loveseat covers get the same treatment as glider options. To search for the perfect set, start your furniture cover search by looking for a fitted cover in your loveseat's dimensions. If the right size is not available, get the nearest size you can find in an adjustable cover. Snaps or drawstrings are used to tighten the cover and prevent it from being stripped off in inclement weather. Many loveseat covers are available with free shipping as part of our customer service guarantee.

Ottoman covers

Ottoman covers are essential when the ottoman in your furniture set doubles as a storage option for cushions. Even all-weather cushions for waterproof patio furniture are not immune to damage from long-term weather exposure. Using a tight-fitting cover over your ottoman keeps it and any stored components free from direct moisture. It takes into account the possibility of direct wind stripping a looser drape.

Sofa covers

Much like a loveseat cover, sofa covers take into account different design elements and are available in a size range that covers patio furniture dimensions completely. When you can’t buy the exact size, opt for a cover that is adjustable and be sure to secure it snugly to ensure your furniture is protected during the rainy season and hot summer days. Look for free shipping options to maximize your purchase.

Table and umbrella covers

Wood, steel, and plastic tables and umbrellas can all eventually succumb to the elements. If they are not completely ruined, they can be sun-bleached or start to warp over time. Protect your patio furniture with heavy-duty furniture covers that provide a waterproof element to keep your furniture looking like news.

When meeting the needs of your table, sort your order options by table or umbrella type, and find the appropriate size. Review the products and order an adjustable option if the perfect measurements are not available. Look for weighted canvas or plastic covers to prevent flapping and the possible loss of your cover in high wind.

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers

A waterproof option covers patio furniture and is designed to repel and shed rainfall. This is important for items without removal cushions that are susceptible to rusting or warping. By shedding moisture, your item is not exposed to seepage or prolonged periods of dampness as the cover itself dries or until it sheds other moisture, such as snow.

Types of patio furniture covers

Patio furniture covers are available in custom measurements for specific furniture sets, particularly those offered year after year. Try to order a custom set when you shop for patio furniture, as they are best looking and are frequently not available after the products leave stores.

Next are fitted covers designed for specific items in a range of sizes. These are an excellent alternative to custom patio furniture covers as they fit snugly.

Adjustable covers are either stretchable or use elastic or snaps to provide additional security and keep furniture free of exposure to the elements.

Other covers are weighted plastic and weighted canvas that is not adjustable. Small weights help keep the covers in place, but additional security may be required.

Do I need patio furniture covers?

If you want to protect your new patio furniture for long-term use, furniture covers are a good investment.

How do you cover patio furniture for winter?

Cover your patio furniture snugly for winter to promote smooth shedding of snow on both waterproof and standard patio furniture covers. Avoid leaving slouching areas on couches and chairs. Instead, create a taut, gentle slope to promote sliding and brush the covers off periodically if snow starts to accumulate. Tight covers will also help shed rainfall and prevent covers from blowing free in the wind.

Where do you store patio furniture covers?

When your covers are not needed for a long period of time, use a garden hose or pressure washer to clean. Allow the covers to dry, and then fold them gently for storage. Some new patio furniture sets include ottomans, tables, or sofas with a built-in storage compartment for cushions and covers. Otherwise, store the covers in a plastic bin in the garage or a closet until they are needed.

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