How to Winterize Your Spa or Hot Tub

Note: Refer to owner’s manual for specific instructions on model.

  1. Disconnect the spa from the power supply.

    • A.  115 Volt Models: Unplug the power cord from the house receptacle.

    • B.  230 Volt Models: Trip all of the GFCI breakers located in the subpanel. 

  2. Remove the filter cartridges, clean, and store in a dry place.

  3. To protect your spa from freezing you must drain all lines.  Locate the main drain valve and remove the cap. Attach a garden hose and open the valve.  The spa >and plumbing lines will drain by gravitational flow.

  4. Use a shop vac after the spa is drained to guarantee there is no water remaining in the plumbing lines.

  5. Drain the power pack by opening both unions on the pump and heater.  You must also drain the pump. This is done by removing the drain plugs on the bottom of the

  6. pump housing.

  7. Never attempt to run the pump when it is dry. This will damage the unit.

  8. If possible, remove your power pack and store it indoors.

  9. Close the vinyl thermal cover and cover it with a large board to distribute the weight from snow and ice.

    Note: Damage from freezing is not covered under warranty. We are happy to answer any questions concerning winterizing your spa, simply contact us.