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Are you in the market for a billiards table? If the answer is yes, look no further. Watson’s is one of the largest retailers in the nation for games and recreation, including billiards tables. We offer a wide selection of tables that are perfect for any space and all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA. If you're on the hunt for a game room upgrade, you've come to the right pool table store. Come in today and purchase your new billiards table!

The pool table is an essential piece of furniture to put together a complete game room.

With all of the factors to consider before buying the best pool table for your space, the buying process may appear overwhelming. However, we’re here to help, and choosing the best billiards table for your game space can be simple. 

Table size or cloth material on the top of the table are two of the big decisions to make before purchasing. Choosing from the best name brands might also be a challenge, as you need a pool table that will last you years to come. Fortunately, Watson's has you covered with our informational guide to pool tables. 

Pool Table Sizes

Always consider whether you have enough space in your entertainment room for a pool table. For those who have played on somebody else's pool table, you may know what it’s like when there’s a spot around the table where there’s just not enough room. When your pool table is crammed into a tight space, players will struggle to use the cue stick to make their desired shot or will risk smacking your wall. Those issues are avoidable by getting the right size for your space. 

As a rule of thumb, you'll have enough room for a pool table if you take the table's dimension and add around 64 inches to each side of the table. A typical cue length is 58 inches long, so those extra 6 inches give players enough open space to use their cue stick without hitting a wall or a surrounding player. 

Pool table sizes is important; a regulation table for tournaments is around nine feet long. Smaller tables are built to be roughly six or seven feet in length. Although they are not fully regulation size, these tables are becoming increasingly popular in entertainment rooms. So if smaller tables worry you, don’t stress. Using a smaller table to practice shouldn't be an issue if you play with local teams. Other players are likely to have a compact table as well.

Table Beds

After finding the right size table, the next step is to consider the material that is best suited for your entertainment space. 

Tables that are made from slate provide the highest quality of gameplay. Slate pool tables are built from high-quality stone, so the surface will never warp. Table warp creates an uneven playing surface, which can cause the pool balls to curve as they move. Fortunately, the slate material will last for years with virtually zero warp. They are a perfect long-term investment. 

Medium-density fiberboard tables are lightweight yet resistant to warping. These tables are much more affordable compared to slate tables as well. Medium-density fiberboards can be easily moved around the entertainment room, making them a great alternative to high-end pool tables. 


Pool table pockets can come in different materials and types depending on the table you purchase. Compact tables typically come with drop pockets, where larger tables have an integrated return system for every pocket. A ball return system is excellent for those who play many games consecutively because the balls all go into a single feeding system. Drop pockets can be better for those who keep track of who made which ball in each pocket. 

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Watson's makes sure you have pool tables options from all the best brands at the very best price. Our goal is to make sure that you can find the best pool table for your home entertainment space. Contact a Watson's expert today for additional information on pool tables, or stop at a store location today.  For indoor pool tables in the Columbus area you can also visit our affiliate.

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