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    Harper Table Tennis
    Harper Table Tennis

    Harper Table Tennis

    Special Price $2,499.00 Regular Price $2,999.00
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    Smash 5.0 with Accessory Set
    Smash 5.0 with Accessory Set

    Smash 5.0 with Accessory Set

    Special Price $878.00 Regular Price $1,099.00
  3. As Advertised
    Smash 3.0 with Accessory Set
    Smash 3.0 with Accessory Set

    Smash 3.0 with Accessory Set

    Special Price $719.00 Regular Price $899.00
  4. Brunswick Table Tennis Conversion Top w/ Accessory Package
    Brunswick Table Tennis Conversion Top w/ Accessory Package

    Brunswick Table Tennis Conversion Top w/ Accessory Package

    Special Price $429.00 Regular Price $579.00
  5. Table Tennis Conversion Top for Billiards Table

    Table Tennis Conversion Top for Billiards Table

    Special Price $349.00 Regular Price $699.00
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Looking for the best ping pong table for your entertainment room? Watson's wide selection of ping pong and tennis tables gives you plenty of options to choose from. There's always a type of table for every family to enjoy. Search below to find the best ping pong table that best suits your game room needs. Shop our site online for free delivery on select items. 

Table Tennis Buying Guide

Ping pong is a classic sport that can be played both indoors and out, and it is perfect for nearly all ages that want to play. With many ping pong tables to choose from, how can you find the best ping pong table for you, your home and your budget? There are plenty of essential pieces to a ping pong table to consider before purchasing, including quality, size accessories, and more. 

Standard Ping Pong Table Size

The standard size of a regulation ping pong table is 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. You’ll also want to have at least 5 feet of space on both ends to stand and about 3 feet on either side of the table. So before you purchase any pool table, measure your space to make sure you have enough space for the table and playing room. 

It may also be helpful to measure other parts of your entertainment space, specifically any hallways, doorways, and stairwells that the ping pong table will need to go through before setup. When searching for ping pong tables at Watson's, be sure to look up or ask for the dimensions to find the perfect regulation size table.

Construction Quality & Features 

Consider any additional features that you may want in your indoor ping pong table, including foldability, thickness, and portability. If you’re planning on an outdoor ping pong table, weather resistance will be an important factor. The best outdoor table tennis pieces will have to hold up to rough weather conditions when not in storage. 

Another optional feature is the ability to fold the ping pong table into "single-player" mode, allowing only one player to play instead of needing two players. Foldable tables are great if you need compact storage options for infrequent table use. It may be a great idea to pick up a ping pong table that comes with wheels for easy moving. 

For players who want the best experience, look for a tournament-grade table, which is already approved for professional ping pong games. Purchasing a thick, good-quality ping pong table (at least ¾") will offer the most consistent indoor ping pong experience. However, high-quality table tennis tables do not have to be thick for recreational players to enjoy the game.

Playing Surface

As previously stated, one of the most important things to look for when purchasing a table tennis table is the thickness of the tops. Any tennis table that is less than ¾" thick may warp easily and not give the ball a consistent bounce. Many table tennis tops are made from particle boards, though they’re not always equal. Some tabletops are constructed from particleboards made that are better quality than others. As a rule of thumb, look for medium-dense boards to provide a higher percentage of resin. The higher the density, the higher the warp resistance. 

The powder-coated finish of a ping pong table is also essential. The best quality ping pong tables have many layers of finish, improving the bounce while resisting any fade. Screened on lines are also preferable to tables with tape lines because they are smooth, preventing any interference of game play. 

Most table tennis tables are constructed using wooden surfaces. These surfaces are perfect for many uses but are not recommended to be played outdoors. This is because particle board surfaces can warp due to humidity, moisture, and extreme weather conditions. 

For outdoor play, it is best to purchase a ping pong table made with an aluminum play surface. Tabletops that use an aluminum play surface also incorporate wooden pieces into their design. Not only are they perfect for outdoor use, but they are entirely weatherproof too. 


Having at least two pairs of paddles is great, and having a plethora of ping pong balls is even better.

A crucial piece of high-quality table tennis gameplay is solid paddles. Great paddles will last you a lifetime, but you may need to stash a few extra paddles away in case you put heavy wear into them. Keeping a couple of extra paddles is also excellent for playing a doubles game. 

Ping pong balls are made from plastic, so purchasing quality ping pong balls prevents them from becoming dented. Because heavy-duty ping pong balls are so durable, you might want to pick up a professional-grade net and post. 

Easy Setup

An often overlooked feature to deciding the best ping pong table for your entertainment room is how long it will take to set up. Fortunately, many modern ping pong tables have unique designs that are shipped pre-assembled or with a short setup time. However, it is not uncommon to find ping pong tables challenging to set up, taking more than five hours to put together. Fortunately, those who shop at Watson's can find ping pong tables that are easy to assemble. With additional quick-play features, you can get to the game as quickly as possible with little hassle.

Keep in mind that high-quality ping pong tables are more difficult to ship pre-assembled. If you plan on picking up a professional-grade table, don't expect it to deliver in one piece. 


Families with children should always prioritize their safety. Children love ping pong tables, so be sure to purchase one that will prevent them from hurting themselves when in use. Common injuries include trapped fingers, knocking into steel legs, and rolling over feet.

Fortunately, many tables from Watson's will come with protected corners to protect children safe from scrapes and bumps. You will also need to look for tables with locking mechanisms to prevent the table from moving on wood and tile. (Good news: It is standard for many high-quality tables to come with these locks.) 

The last important safety measure with many ping pong tables is the folding lock system. Folding tables can cause accidents for children who are not careful. If you plan to purchase a folding table, be sure to choose one with excellent ratings and overall high build quality. 

Ping Pong and Tennis Tables from Watson's

At Watson's, we make sure you have every furniture option you need for your home, including your basement or rec room. 

We provide an excellent selection of ping pong tables on our site, including those for beginner and expert players -- all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA.

Please contact a Watson's expert if you have questions or need help finding the best ping pong table for your home and your budget. Shop our site online for free delivery on select items.

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