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Swimming Pool Equipment for Cleaning & Maintenance

Automatic Pool Cleaners (APCs)

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, Watson’s automatic pool cleaners are convenient and easy to use. They help minimize the need for vacuuming your pool so you’re able to spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning.


Pool filters generally need to be replaced with a new item once per year. However, some products have a higher capacity and may last longer. Check your pool filter cartridge regularly after periods of heavy pool use. If the filtering material is loose or cracks are present, replace it. 

Pumps & Motors

A pool pump and pool motors help by pulling water in, filtering the water, and releasing clean water back into the pool. Whether you need a direct replacement pump or a specific HorsePower, Watson's has new product options and the search functions necessary to find the one that best suits your needs.

Skimmers & Hoses

A skimmer pulls water from the pool and acts as a filtering mechanism for larger debris, such as leaves, while hoses help direct water to other pool components like the filtering system. A clog or long-term wear and tear may make the replacement of hoses necessary.

Chemical Dispensers

When you do not want to measure out chemicals for the pool regularly or want to take a break in the offseason, a chemical dispenser is exactly what you're looking for. Chemical dispensers measure cleaning and sanitizing agents in the necessary amounts over a set period of time.


Less fun pool accessories help you get essential cleaning and maintenance tasks done. When you buy a pool, it typically includes necessary equipment to help get through a month or a season of pool use. However, most items eventually need replacing if you want your pool and pool supplies to stay clean.


For homeowners who want to maximize the swim season, a pool heater helps extend the fun by keeping water at a comfortable temperature. Heaters are made for a variety of pool capacities, so search for a model based on the gallons of water it is capable of heating.

Covers & Reels

In the cool weather months or at times when bad weather may throw additional debris into the pool, a cover comes in handy. If you do not want to manually place a cover, use a reel to automate the process. This also makes it easier to pull the cover out in a snap when there are clouds on the horizon.

Swimming Pool Accessories

Lights & Fountains

When you want a clear sign that your pool is also for adults, ambient lighting and a fountain may lend an upscale air while upping the fun factor. Great lighting with different color schemes is perfect for a party on the patio, while lighting that meets basic safety requirements keeps the pool open after hours. A centerpiece or side fountain keeps water moving for a gentle splash all day and lets child swimmers and adults enjoying a float across the pool receive a sprinkler effect when drifting by.

Ladders & Decking

If splashing into the deep end isn't your preferred method of pool entry, investment in a safe ladder may make entry more comfortable for above-ground and in-ground pools. Pool decking, meanwhile, helps you showcase your style with unique color tones and finishes. Look for decking as non-slip as possible to keep your lazy afternoons' accident-free.

Pool Liners

Pool liners need to be replaced every several years to every decade. Always check your owner's manual or information from your pool provider to ensure you get the right type of replacement liner.

Pool & Deck Storage

Storage systems aren't just for the house. Unless you want to track in pool water after every afternoon swim, a contained all-weather cabinet is needed to stash smaller floaties, snorkels, and necessary equipment. A separate storage unit is also required for pool supplies, such as chemicals, replacement filters, and seasonal covers. Pool accessory storage does not need a lock, but you should invest in safety measures to keep pool chemicals away from children. Consider adding a caution sign for added safety.

A swimming pool is a major splurge for most families. To get the most from your investment, you also need to search for new outdoor pool accessories and products to help your family enjoy the pool for years to come. From discount pool accessories to luxury pool accessories, Watson's is your one-stop destination for the best pool floats and fun pool toys around.

Backyard Swimming Pool Accessories

When you and your family are ready to hop in the backyard pool, a few fun items make all the difference in the world. Watson's has tons of the best swimming pool accessories online for swimmers to enjoy while splashing the summer away.

Discount Swimming Pool Accessories for Fun Times

From poolside equipment to in-the-pool entertainment options, Watson's has an excellent selection available for pools and swimmers.

Pool Slides

A new pool needs a few key accessories, and a slide is a perfect investment for pools in a variety of sizes. A short, straight slide makes a big splash in above-ground pools while a curved slide adds a thrill element and acceleration for swimmers using an in-ground pool.

Diving Boards

When you like to make a splash in the deep end, a diving board is a great alternative to poolside dives. From cannonballs to more complex swan dives, a new diving board is ready to accommodate.

Pool Toys & Games

Pool toys and games range from fun pool floats in every color and pattern imaginable to actual in-pool activities. Consider basketball or volleyball in the pool or invest in pool noodles for casual jousting. Buy some sinking accessories to set up a dive and search game, and pick up a beach ball for a variety of play options.

Goggles, Masks, and Snorkels

Goggles are an excellent way to introduce new swimmers to pool water. They help protect sensitive eyes and prevent regular eye rubbing as the swimmer acclimates. Masks and snorkels may be an item you relate more to ocean diving, but they are a great way to hold fun underwater games, such as dives, to search for goodies.

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