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Watson's Return Policy

Watson’s will cheerfully refund any deposit and full purchase price on most unused merchandise.

  • Return unused purchases in the original carton with packing and instructions within 30 days.
  • Your receipt must accompany any return.
  • If you paid by check or if the amount of refund is in excess of $100 you will receive your refund by mail in approximately 10 days.
  • “As is” or special order merchandise is non-returnable.
  • Missing parts and repair or replacement of defective items are handled by our service department per manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A 15% restocking fee will be charged on all returned merchandise on any major product accepted back by Watson’s.
  • A charge of $30 will be applied to all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Winter Cover, Solar Cover, and Liner Warranty Information

In order for you to fully enjoy and extend the life of your liner, solar cover, or winter cover follow these tips:

Careful with those chemicals!

  • Improper chemical balance and excessive chlorine or bromine can cause chemical burns to your solar cover or winter cover resulting in a brittle or flaked cover. Chemical burns will also result in a faded liner.
  • Calcium based chlorine, over time can cause the surface of your liner to become gritty and brittle.

Watch the sun!

  • Leaving your solar cover exposed to the sun while not in use and without the white protective cover will cause severe blistering and delamination.
  • Your liner will shrink and dry rot if it is exposed to the sun due to improper water level.

Handle carefully!

  • Dragging the cover/liner over sharp objects can tear or puncture the cover/liner.
  • Maintenance tools, fingernails, toenails, pets, toys, etc. can tear or puncture the liner.

It is important that you follow the above tips because damage of this sort is not covered under warranty.