Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Serve up the table tennis and Ping-Pong fun. This fast-paced classic can be the smash hit of your fun room with a Ping-Pong table or table tennis conversion top from Watson’s. Our table tennis selections match high quality with low prices, making it easy for your friends and family to have a ball anytime.

  • CT7 Conversion Top by Brunswick

    CT7 Conversion Top

    Was: $449.00

    Now Only $349.00

  • CT8 Conversion Top by Brunswick

    CT8 Conversion Top

    Was: $499.00

    Now Only $399.00

  • SMASH 3.0 by Brunswick

    SMASH 3.0

    Was: $599.00

    Now Only $499.00

  • SMASH 5.0 by Brunswick

    SMASH 5.0

    Was: $699.00

    Now Only $599.00

  • SMASH Indoor/Outdoor Ping Pong Table | Brunswick

    SMASH Indoor/Outdoor

    Was: $1,050.00

    Now Only $850.00

  • SMASH 7.0 by Brunswick

    SMASH 7.0

    Was: $1,099.00

    Now Only $899.00

  • Conversion Top Game Table

    Conversion Top Game Table

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