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Dutchwest Non-Catalytic Medium Stove by Vermont Castings

By Vermont Castings

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Dutchwest Non-Catalytic Medium Stove by Vermont CastingsDutchwest Non-Catalytic Medium Stove by Vermont Castings
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DutchWest Non-Catalytic Medium Stove | Vermont Castings


Dutchwest non-catalytic Wood Stoves earn high marks with the EPA for their outstanding emissions performance. In fact, Dutchwest stoves are among the cleanest in the wood stove industry with emissions of less than 1.5 grams/hr.! Combine that with classic styling, sturdy cast iron construction, remarkable state-of-the-art features and efficiency, and you have a wood stove that can't be beat! Three sizes are available (small, medium and large) to suit any heating need. Large glass front doors allow for maximum viewing and an optional convection air blower augments the superior radiant heating ability of cast iron construction to deliver heat throughout your home. Log Size: Up to 22"


EVERBURN Combustion System
A better way to burn — This highly efficient, non-catalytic combustion system reaches emissions levels as low as comparable catalytic models, as little as 1.31 grams per hour!
Leg Levelers
Designed to accommodate your needs — Install your stove even on rough, non-level surfaces with these adaptable leg levelers.
Insulated Refractory Brick Firebox
Heat where you want it — The firebox is completely insulated to keep cold air out, and its refractory lining helps distribute heat back into the room.
Front and Side Loading
Keep the fire going — Load this stove with wood from the side or the front as needed, whichever side is easier to access.


What is Non-Catalytic?

Non-catalytic - Often shortened to "Non-Cat" or "Non" — this combustion process found in wood-burning stoves uses airflow inside the firebox to re-burn smoke and gases instead of employing a catalyst. Vermont Castings makes the EPA's highest rated non-catalytic wood stove in the industry.



Why Vermont Castings?

Green Materials

100% recycled iron and reused raw materials, like automotive brake drums and rotors, are used to make our wood burning stoves. Even leftover iron scraps from completed models are reused to minimize waste!

Our casting process uses environmentally friendly natural sand and clay to bond the molds for our stoves together rather than an artificial polymer. We use it again and again to help save resources.

Green Power

Our plant runs on 60% hydro power—a renewable and clean resource—and 40% nuclear power, which is also a clean resource.

We even work in partnership with Efficiency Vermont to install highly-efficient lights and motors. We changed all our light bulbs at both the foundry and the plant to T5 fluorescents!

Green Results

Our wood burning stoves lead the industry in efficiency to help reduce fuel costs.

Plus, no wood stove manufacturer can match Vermont Castings’ history of consistently exceeding the EPA’s standards for emissions.

Proudly Made in the USA

Each Vermont Castings product is produced with precision, attention to detail and a deep-rooted pride in our heritage and craft. In fact, our Vermont foundry is like a family and many of us have been here as long as Vermont Castings has been around.

Quality Construction

Whether it’s a stove, fireplace or grill, Vermont Castings offers a line of products that has not only passed the rigorous testing of our labs and governing industry standards – but also the test of time. The cast iron construction and attention to detail each product receives ensure that your Vermont Castings will provide continuous optimum performance for many years to come.

Forward Focus

Ensuring that today’s newest technologies and environmental concerns are addressed in the design and function of each of our products is an important focus for us. Our engineers and other specialist technicians work hard to develop industry-leading technologies that make Vermont Castings one of the most advanced lines of hearth appliances available.

Green Commitment

Our cast iron comes from 100% recycled materials. Our foundry runs on renewable and clean energy sources and even the clay and sand we use to bond our molds together are natural and eco-friendly. Plus, our finished products are designed to save energy and money with highly efficient operation and clean-burning performance.

SKU Dutchwest Medium Non-Catalytic-6020
Brand Vermont Casting
Dimensions 27-1/4"W x 29-3/4"H x 23-1/4"D
BTUs Up to 40,000/hr
Thermal Efficiency Rating: 63%
Heating Capacity Up to 1,600 sq. ft.

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