Pool Pumps & Filters

Complete Pool Filters & Pump Systems

A pool can be properly maintained with any of these filter systems:

Sand filter (Least effective): Simply backwash the filter every one to two weeks and replace the sand every one to two years. It does not trap some of the smaller particles that other filters trap.

Cartridge or Element filter (Effective): An economic, way to keep your pool clean, trapping dirt that is 3x smaller than a sand filter. Dirt is trapped in the pleats of the cartridge which should be cleaned every two to four weeks with a deep clean at the end of the season.

Diatomaceous Earth filter (Most Effective) are the best but require more maintenance, such as recharging (changing out the DE powder) every four weeks. A good, smooth operating motor will push water through your filter more efficiently, requiring the filter to run less often.

Pool Pumps & Filters